Mike Omeri’s exposure will be an added advantage at the Senate – By Fatai Ibrahim

  • Photo: Omeri *

” When the righteous man is on the throne ,the people rejoice,” So said the Lord.

This Biblical injunction succinctly captures the unique and dynamic Personality of Hon. Mike Omeri, an exemplary and visionary leader who has been tested, trusted as well as delivered without blemished in all it’s ramifications and assignments  given to him. Rt.Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe once asserted” When you show the People the way, they follow.”

In this regards, Hon. Mike Omeri, has shown exemplary leadership as one time Director – General National orientation Agency through is various revolutionary initiatives in popularising the then governments programmes and policies at every nooks and crannies of Nigerian society, geared towards Nation Building.

Hon.Mike Omeri unassuming nature, simplicity and candour has endeared him to millions of people  that has come in contact with him. His passion for the promotion of National Unity and integration is quiet remarkable and legendary. No wonder he his always call man of the People at every given fora.

Hon. Mike Omeri’s Core Vision on Youths empowerment and economic reliance will be tailored towards teaching them how to fish, instead of given them fish. As such, if he listen to the Voice of reason from his constituency to run for the Senate, his representation in the hallowed Chamber will be better life, economic prosperity as well as turn around the socio-economic development of his constituency in Nasarawa.

Like in the words of Mother Theresa,” There is no greater service like d device to humanity” Hon. Mike Omeri’s meekness of heart and compassion, if given the opportunity to serve in the hallowed chamber will bring a new lease of life to the women and vulnerable members of his constituency, if he answer the clarion call of his people to be in the hallowed Chamber of the Senate come 2023.

Moreso, one great attributes Hon. Mike Omeri is known for, he his a team player and always willing to learn, as well as allowing others too to make progressive suggestions for the greater interest of the majority.

 Interestingly, making good laws in the hallowed Chamber worldwide requires those whose exposure, intellectual sagacity has been tested, hence, good laws and bills would be vigorously purse by Hon. Mike Omeri, come 2023 for the common good of the electorates and the Nation at large.

Urging Hon. Mike Omeri to always take solace in the illuminating words of J.F Kennedy former U.S President who once said ” Think of what you can do for your Country, and not what your country will do for you.”

As, the momentum for 2023 elections beckons, it is our our collective resolve Hon Mike Omeri will hearken to the Voice of reason of the majority by making himself available for the exalted Senatorial  Seat  as a way of taking his People to the next levels.

*Fatai can be reach on Fatai b5 @ gmail.com


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