The futility of Obi/Baba-Ahmed ticket- By Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, SAN


*Photo L-R: Obi, Baba-Ahmed*


1. They are usurpers with no legitimate party or structure, leveraging on their financial prowess to corner a ticket meant for genuine representatives of the working class.

2. They revel in parading dubious statistics, gathering a mob support without ideology or principle other than raw anger against the status quo, which their idols were part and parcel of.

3. The supposed anger of bourgeois renegades against their fellow capitalists can never result into any benefit for the masses that they have all wickedly trampled upon with glee.

4. What does Peter Obi offer or represent in present-day Nigeria other than ethnic and religious sentiments? Were those not the same factors that produced the error of the Buhari regime?

5. Are we not to rate aspirants in line with their track records? Or what exactly can we find for inspiration in Obi’s 8-year adventure in Anambra State?

6. Hajia Harira Jibril was gruesomely murdered in cold blood in Anambra State, yet the “peoples’ President” neither visited the family nor issue a single statement in condemnation.

7. Do we now hand over Nigeria to opportunists or inventors of commercial degrees?

8. Had the stained and leaking umbrella of the PDP shaded Obi, would he have ever emerged as the disgruntled representative of the disorganized “new movement”?

9. The Nigeria Labour Congress, promoters of Obi’s new-found Labour Party, has become a toothless entity, incapable of prosecuting any meaningful struggle since the advent of the APC administration, which has perfected the egregious style of persecuting or compromising all opposition strongholds.

10. The price for crass opportunism is a principled rejection of all its apostles and beneficiaries.

11. I cannot see the benefit for Nigeria in the Obi/Baba-Ahmed stillborn ticket, neither do I discern any marked difference between Atiku, Obi and Tinubu. In fact, a decamped or frustrated member of the oligarchy is worse than his masters.


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