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Lighthouse Pathfinder Awareness Club, is a non partisan, socio-economic-political, cultural, educational, intellectual and sporting association of the like minds who are committed to pursue Nigeria’s progress, citizenship education, egalitarianism and nationalism. The association was formed for the promotion and emplacement of responsible and responsive governance in the country. The association is a corporate entity registered with the Corporate Affairs (CAC) as a non governmental organization (NGO).

It will be recalled that the association elected its pioneer National Officers on February 16, 2022 to manage its affairs for a two years tenure.

In his post-election acceptance speech then, the President-elect, Mr. Babatunde Madehin, on behalf of the new executive committee states that “I wish to use this medium to thank you all for your support, confidence, unalloyed loyalty, prayers and your contributions towards making this election/affirmation a reality”.

He further states that “however, we need to let ourselves know that in the year 2022, LIGHTHOUSE PATHFINDERS platform shall strive to make itself more relevant in our daily livelihood by facilitating knowledge sharing and vital information dissemination – that could make our lives more productive.

The association recently amended its constitution with a view to fulfilling its corporate objectives and restructure its organs and activities to make it relevant in the scheme of governance and able to contribute towards enhancing best fit democracy through responsible governance for the betterment of the country.

The association’s new pioneer executive committee was inaugurated virtually on Saturday 30th April, 2022 in accordance with the provision of article 9 subsections 9.1-9.6 of its constitution, as amended. The swearing in ceremony for the newly elected members of the Executive Council and oath office was well attended by Board of Trustees and general members. A Lagos based legal practitioner Barr. Abdulwaheed Ismail administered the oath of office on all the new executive members.

The newly inaugurated officers among others pledged not to allow their personal interests influence their official conduct or official decisions while promising to preserve at all times and protect the association’s constitution.

The following officers were inaugurated at the event with mandates to run the affairs of the association for the next two years:

Babatunde Madehin – President

Folashade Ajibola Joseph –Vice President 

Sulaimon Shina Ishola –General Secretary 

Bola Otusanya – Asst. General Secretary 

Rafiu Adewale Ayinde – Treasurer 

Adeyinka Akeem Suleiman – Financial Secretary

Salvador Taoheed Ifedapo – Asst. Financial Secretary 

Morufu Olasunkade Azeez – Special Projects and Media Relations Secretary

Barr. Abdulwaheed ISMAIL – Legal Secretary

Meanwhile, the purpose of existence of the association as articulated in its aims and objectives includes:

  1. To promote good governance and Social justice system through organisation of National discourse on burning or contemporary national/ international issues in order to create awareness among the masses of our people and offering of advice to the Government at all levels.
  • To serve as a Pressure Group/ Opinion moulder on national topical issues through engagement of Government functionaries, press releases, electronic/ audio visual transmission, lectures/ workshops, symposium and or in collaboration with other groups with similar ideologies.
  • To promote the ideals of democracy and to serve as Election Observer/ monitoring group during Local Government, Constituency, State and general elections.

In his post inaugural speech, the pioneer President of the association, Mr. Tunde Madehin appreciated the Board of Trustees, Executive Council and the entire members for their cooperation that made successful election and speedy constitution amendment process and inauguration ceremony possible.

He congratulates the new executive members and charged them that “now that we have crossed the hurdles of the election, constitution amendment and inauguration ceremony, we have been equipped to swing into action, immediately without let or hindrance. It is time for us to hit the ground running, he avowed.

He further states that, “so much is expected of us and he knows that the executive committee is more than capable of delivering, even beyond  expectations the task of supporting other NGOs to demand the practice of responsible governance from the political class to make our nation regain its lost glory and restore its respect in the comity of nations.


Olasunkade Azeez

Special Projects and Media Relation Secretary


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