The illusion of a southern presidency – By Femi Fani-Kayode


*Photo: Chief Fani-Kayode *


As each day passes the illusion of a Southern Presidency in 2023 melts away like an iceberg approaching the tropics. 
At the end of the day both parties will present a Northern candidate, NOTHING will happen and the heavens will not fall. 

This is because Southerners do not know the meaning of unity or collective interest whilst most northerners do. 
As at today over 30 Southerners have indicated an interest to run for the Presidency  when you look at all the political parties. The APC alone has at least 18 and is still counting. 

They can’t even come together and agree on a shortlist of three but instead they are busy fighting each other and running each other down in an obsessive and frenzied attempt to get the golden fleece and win the prize. 
Meanwhile the North remains silent and is quietly doing their homework and planning with no rancour and little division. 

That is why they will have their way and no-one can deny the fact that they deserve it. 
He who plans quietly, operates covertly, displays caution, patience and wisdom, builds bridges, seeks unity, establishes alliances, identifies new friends,  pursues a common and collective interest and is strategic in all his ways always wins. 

He who is loud, brash, reckless, boastful, ostentatious, self-serving, incurably ignorant, historically illiterate, divisive, cowardly, quarrelsome, intellectually dishonest  unforgiving, uncompromising, politically inexpedient, shortsighted, blighted by bitterness, hate and rage, blinded by wealth and riches and is always fighting and pulling down his brother always loses. 

That is the lesson of life and the story of Nigerian politics. 
And these are the lessons that Southern politicians and leaders are yet to learn. 

Let me give you one example. There is only one zone in the South that has never enjoyed the Presidency. Yet how many Southern politicians and leaders are ready to step down for that zone? 

See what I mean? It appears that some Southerners are more equal than others. 

If the South insists on fairness, equity and charity let it begin amongst themselves and within their own ranks but we know that they are wholly incapable of doing so and will even insult you for suggesting it. How sad and pathetic. 

Like Cassius said in Shakespear’s ‘Julius Caesar’, the Nigerian Southerner must concede that “the fault is not in our stars but in ourselves”. 

Weep not O south: you made your choices and you threw away your own chances for 2023 because you did not have the courage and foresight to pursue your collective interest and act with one accord. 
To you, individual interests were more important than the collective one. Individual 

Yet again the North has floored you. 
Abuse me as much as you like but this is the bitter truth.

Know the truth and let it set you free!!!


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