Stop blackmailing people from asking important questions about Osinbajo. He is a public figure – By Alao I. Zangalo

*Photo: Osinbajo *

A religious bigot!


That’s too heavy to describe the No 2 of the country, warming up to become No 1 very soon. To even allude that if such person becomes the president of the country could trigger civil war without tangible proofs than some perception laced with personal opinions is unethical and very close to political slander.

For me, I wouldn’t YET describe Osinbajo as a religious bigot, he is better described as a nepotist. Only that the major beneficiaries of his nepotism are his fellow religious members, most especially his RCCG community, who in actuality are his immediate constituents just like how Sunni Muslims from the North are major beneficiaries of Buhari’s nepotism.

The allegation of favoring mostly his RCCG members with appointments didn’t start just today ke. Apart from using many unhealthy and instigating words which are not good for the country, most especially Yorubaland at this very crucial term, the Kperogi’s article raises some salient questions that need to be fully addressed, beyond the rhetoric of telling us the allegations are mere lies.

The allegations in items 1, 5, 6 and 9 accompanied with verbal or written “evidences” need some answers if Osinbajo was to be different from other Nigerian politicians as being promoted to us.–Did Osinbajo truly lead a movement in demanding for a Christian governor in Lagos state?–Did Osinbajo truly make a statement in making reference to the conversion of the deceased from Islam to Christianity?–Is it true that there is an unwritten policy of 90% of employees in Osinbajo’s law chamber must be Christians? –Is it true that Osinbajo was in a congregation where prayers were being said for Buhari to die so that he could become the president?

If we are to be serious about 2024, Nigerians need answers from the VP. And hey, you guys should please stop blackmailing people from asking important questions about Osinbajo.

He is a public figure.

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