Qatar 2022 World Cup Final, My Messi Philosophy- By Shehu Bashir Esq


Like Messi, who has been working all this career of almost three decades, to achieve the topmost in football, it is only godly that we equate this with what Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has done in the life of democracy and democratic development in Nigeria, to wish him the best he wishes for himself.”

*Photo L-R: Tinubu, Messi*


First, it is proper to congratulate Leonel Messi and the Argentina Team for the victory, it was a final properly so played and won.

Success is very hard to come by simply because hardwork takes time to yield. Grace comes like a cheap commodity, making the engine of a heavy locomotive move like it is being propelled by magic. By the dictate of nature, often times, there is delay in the attainment of a desired result and outcome of hardwork, it does often makes the heart become despondent, depressed when success is not achieved.

*Messi *

Nothing is more disheartening than for hardwork to yield no result. When that happens, the person is often derided, mocked and gloated by those with the heart of hatred, envy, jealousy and animosity. Some of those reactionary elements become emergency prophets of doom, forecasting all manners of guess work and predictions, clothing them in prophesy. They often claimed to have attended a trance meeting with God and such voicing the saying of God. Those times you will see and hear uncertficated analysts claiming pundit of a subject they know not. They are simply the hearts of lies with bitterness for what and whom they loathe so much. 

Nothing in the act of a man is more wicked than wishing for the downfall of a man who has worked so hard and is soaring to greatness. More worst is the curse of these enemies of progress to wish that the dream and the target of a hardworking man becomes a futility. The heart of man is truly evil.

There is nothing I admire more in my life than to see fellow being attaining desired success. Even when I am in healthy competition for the same position and goal, I have never done so with malice, hatred and animosity. It is always a healthy competition. After all, all powers belong to Allah. Therefore, how some people find pleasure in the pains of others always beats my imagination.

As a matter of principle and philosophy, coming to know how much Leonel Messi, the now officially certified G.O.A.T, had worked so hard for everything and anything glorious football can bring, several Ballon D’iOrs, Champions League, Copa America, etc, with only one mega trophy missing in his cabinet of trophies, I am by nature going to drop everything to watch to support him and wish him well. I did wish him well and I thank God he achieved that.

Like Messi, who has been working all this career of almost three decades, to achieve the topmost in football, it is only godly that we equate this with what Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has done in the life of democracy and democratic development in Nigeria, to wish him the best he wishes for himself.

Having spent over forty years of his life, advancing the course of the development of democracy, impacting positively in people’s lives, making greater developmental contributions for the good of humanity, and here seeking for the nations top job, Tinubu deserves the presidential trophy more than anybody else.

For these forty years, no one can deny Tinubu’s tremendous contribution to humanity. When it mattered, he sacrificed his best opportunity when he would be requested to contest for a Senate seat, he gave it to someone else, when the vice presidential slot was meant for him, he donated it to one of proteges. Now that his eyes are on the presidency, glaringly for the good of the country, only a soul without conscience will go on the mountain of satan to curse that ambition. Surely, the curse of an evil wisher will always ricochet back to him.

It is true that election is a competitive game, yes, but it is also true that no one has to attain victory by talking others down, through vile wish, curses, aspersions and devilishness.

Like Messi, as he just achieved, being the deserving outcome of decades of hardwork, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu deserves and will win next year’s presidential election by God’s grace, regardless of the retrogressive wishes of nay sayers.

I am this day happy and joyous on the outcome of the final of the World Cup, not become I am an Argentine or that I know Messi in person, but I hate to see those who have worked hard to be on top to come down. I love when hardwork pays off. I am celebrating Messi because I have a Messi in Tinubu who is also working very hard to make Nigeria great and waiting to receive the benefit of his hardwork in clinching Nigeria’s presidency come 2023.

The outcome of this year’s World Cup competition is so significant and symbolic in the life of Nigeria’s democracy and electioneering. The event is even happening in the middle of Nigeria’s transition. It was tough, precarious, full of suspense, anxiety and emotions. The fate of the man in the centre of the whole game was hanging in the balance, yet, the best side was rewarded.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the best in this competition. He is the one in the centre of this election. He is the only one who has done alot for the birth and development of democracy in Nigeria. He is on top when you compare notes and refer to their antecedents. He has made more positive impacts in the people more than any of his opponents. When his opponents were busy making money in commodity importations and car sales, Tinubu was spending his hard earned money on the birth of democracy in Nigeria. He is the foremost Pan-Nigerian. But for Tinubu’s phenomenal contributions to this democracy, Nigeria would still be under the military rule. Fact!

So, my Messi philosophy is that, I do not wish and I can never wish that hardwork should not pay. Hardwork should pay off. There is an Arabic phrase that says “Man Jadda Wa Jadda” meaning “whoever strives shall succeed”. Tinubu has striven to make Nigeria great, he deserves to succeed and by God’s grace, he will be Nigeria’s next President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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