NAHCON Visits Mu’assasa, Receives BPKH Officials – By Fatima Sanda Usara


A NAHCON delegation under the leadership of its Chairman Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan met members of the Tawafah Company for Pilgrims of African Non-Arab Countries popularly known as the Mu’assasa. The meeting which held at the instance of NAHCON was aimed at seeking debriefing and resolution of two crucial 2022 Hajj operational matters; first of which was to seek explanation for the Private Tour Operators IBAN account accreditation setback and way forward. The second was the poor feeding arrangement during the pilgrims’ stay in Mina and Arafat as well as NAHCON’s request for refund on behalf of the pilgrims.


Hassan, Sindi, Bulkachuwa, Nalaraba and others share pleasantries after meeting with the Tawafah Company*

Chairman of the Mu’assasa, Mr. Ahmad Sindi, explained that the issue of IBAN account was affected generally by lateness in this year’s Hajj announcement but specifically to issues relating to mismatch in the Account Numbers and Account Holders’ names on one hand, and on another level inaccurate Account Numbers. However, he assured that the monies are intact and will be returned to NAHCON’s account as soon as the Mu’assasa receives a formal letter of request to that effect.

Vice President of Mu’assasa, Mr Muhammad Burhan Saifuddeen gave a breakdown of the remaining amount yet to be credited to 33 Tour Operator companies.

Present at the meeting were Senator Adamu Bulkachuwa, Chairman Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs; Hon Abubakar Nalaraba, Chairman House Committee on Pilgrimage; representatives of Association of Hajj and Umrah Operators in Nigeria (AHUON); representative of Nigeria’s Diplomatic Corps, representatives of Nigeria’s local and foreign media. Others are NAHCON’s Commissioner PPMF, Alhaji Nura Hassan Yakassai; Commissioner PRSLS, Sheikh Suleiman Momoh; senior directors and some staff of the Commission essential to the assignment.

Chairman Mu’assasa, Mr Sindi in the middle, Vice Chairman, Mr Saifuddeen first from right
Regarding the Mina feeding arrangement, it was disclosed by Mr. Sindi of the Tawafa company that from next year, they will work with only well-established caterers that has adequate manpower and sufficient facilities. He added that they may even require bank guarantees before accepting any recommended caterer. This will happen because of the disappointment they also witnessed this year from the engaged caterers, though the company initially got the impression that they were satisfactory. However, since pleasure of the pilgrims is their foremost priority, the Tawafah Chairman explained how, during one of his tours in Mina, he had to order for substitute meal to one of the field offices after complaints by the pilgrims on the food quality and quality they were supplied with. He mentioned that the extra meal was at no cost at all to the pilgrims or the caterer. Mr. Sindi promised to explore NAHCON’s request for refund and revert.

Meanwhile, the annual post Arafat meeting was held yesterday where the NAHCON Chairman disclosed that unlike circumstances surrounding 2022 Hajj, preparations for 2023 Hajj has commenced from yesterday, 13th July 2022.

In another development, the Chief Executive Office of Indonesia’s Badan Pengelola Keuangan Hajji (BPKH), Mr Anggitto Abbhimanyu was at the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria’s office in Ummul Juud, Makkah on a familiarization visit. Mr. Abbhimanyu was accompanied in the visit by his special assistant. The interactive meeting centered around discussions on issues of common interest, technical cooperation, challenges, and solution to numerous issues raised during the visit. The BPKH is the equivalent of Hajj Savings Scheme in Nigeria and Tabung Hajji in Malaysia.

*Fatima Sanda Usara is Assistant Director, Public Affairs, NAHCON


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