LASG announces traffic diversion for Marine Bridge repairs

In continuation of the repair works by the Federal Ministry of Works on the Marine Bridge, traffic will be diverted on the Bridge from Friday, 10th November till Thursday 21st December, 2023.

Consequently, the following alternative routes will be open to Motorists for the duration of the project:
Scene 1
Motorists heading to Mobil Road from Ijora/Apapa Road will be diverted to Ijora to link the Total Access Ramp inwards Malu Road to connect Mobil Road for their desired destinations.


Scene 2
Motorists going to Ijora/Apapa will be diverted to the Apapa-bound ramp of the Marine Bridge to make a U-turn at Point Road Junction inward Marine Bridge to access their desired destinations.

In the same vein, Motorists can make use of Marine Bridge Access Road to Area B and make a U-turn at Point Junction Road towards Marine Bridge to continue their Journeys.

The Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi assured that Traffic Personnel from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority will be deployed to manage traffic flow and minimise inconveniences.

He further appealed to Motorists for their patience while plying the diversion routes.

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