FG Launches Energy Calculator 2050



The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has said that the energy commission of Nigeria is mandated to produce strategic plans and coordinate national policies in the field of energy.

Onu made this statement during the launch of the second edition of Nigeria energy calculator 2050 on Monday in Abuja.

He said that in doing so, it is to produce a periodic energy master plan for the balanced and coordinated development of energy in Nigeria.

He added that after due consultation with relevant stakeholders in the energy sector, it is known that the sector is presently the major contributor to global warming, particularly from the use of fossil energy sources for electricity generation, transportation and heating.

According to Onu, Nigeria energy calculator will facilitate energy planning to achieve both national energy security and global climate change. He further reiterated that Nigeria with a large population and endowed with abundant energy resources requires a large amount of energy both now and in the future. However we need to pay more attention to the need for energy development pathways in driving sustainable national development.

The NECAL 2050 model should form part of our national planning tools, this will be used in planning energy needs for Nigeria’s vision 2050 and beyond, he added.

He commended the Energy Commission of Nigeria and Federal Ministry of Environment for developing Nigeria’s energy calculator 2050(NECAL), which is an energy planning tool that enables choices in energy development pathway.

Earlier the Minister of Women affairs, Dame. Pauline Tallen said that Women and girls should be included in the implementation of Nigeria’s Energy calculator 2050(NECAL).


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