Fayemi to APC Delegates : Consider my capacity and compassion for Nigerians, vote for me


Ekiti state Governor and Presidential Aspirant of the All Progressives Congress APC, Mr Kayode Fayemi has appealed to delegates in Kaduna State to consider Capacity of the aspirants, experience and compassion before casting their votes.


He stated this while canvassing for support of the Kaduna national delegates in. Kaduna, said he is not a moneybag, but he also knows that the Nigeria’s presidency is not for the money bags.
Mr Fayemi said he does not have money but he has the capacity the competence and the compassion to lead the country. 

The presidential aspirant also  revealed that, he had developed a road map on how to transform the country if given the mandate.
“Inequality, poverty, economic undertones of security challenges are some of the issues to be addressed before we can address insecurity. 
According to him, Kaduna state is one of the major food baskets in the country, stressing that, he has the plans to absorb  youth into the food value chain of agriculture and must guarantee credit for farmers to boost farming activities.

The presidential hopeful  believed that,  he can build on the legacy of president Mohammadu Buhari, maintained that, he was not an accidental politician but academician.
“Look at the aspirants, look at our competing vision, temperament, capacity, competence, the courage to do the right thing among the aspirants.  

“I am not a moneybag, but I also know this job has never gone to a moneybag. But I can raise money. I have colleagues who believed in me, who are compassionate, who can assist me if I run to them. What you want is a better future for your children where you can sleep with your eyes closed. 
“I have a roadmap to transform our country, improve security, economy and infrastructure to build a better country where cohesion becomes foundation of our security. 

In a remark, Governor Nasiru El-Rufai described Governor Kayode Fayemi as a man of great intent, a man of patience, whom he has known for over 20 years. 
According to him, “he is the first person I have seen who won an election in 2014 but allowed another person to take the mandate for peace to reign. But the people of Ekiti state compensated him four years later and elected him as their governor. 
Malam Nasiru Elrufai also told the delegates to consider the future of their children ahead of anything while casting their vote.


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