Driving one way tantamount to attempted murder — Lagos Task Force Chairman


The Lagos State Taskforce has said that there are several dangers inherent in driving against traffic (one-way) and the harmful effects it has on not just free flow of traffic and other law abiding drivers, but on the possibilities of causing loss of lives and damage to property.

The Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye, made this known to journalists on Thursday in Alausa, Ikeja.


Jejeloye spoke at the public auction of vehicles seized by the Task Force at it office.

He said most of the vehicles auctioned were confiscated for driving against traffic and endangering their lives and those of other Lagosians.


He said: “Some of the individuals who have come here to bid do not know that if we had not confiscated some of these vehicles while committing those offences, they would have killed pedestrians, bidders or other road users who are unaware that there is a vehicle approaching through the wrong side of the road.

“From our records, 80 per cent of victims of hit and run on the roads who were knocked down, especially early in the morning, were caused by motorists who drove against traffic.”

Jejeloye further disclosed that some of the supposed victims who pleaded for their vehicles to be auctioned to them at the auction ground were serial and notorious one way defaulters.

He said one of them was a man who came with his widowed mother to reclaim his vehicle.

He said: “If you recall correctly, he was arrested sometime in May for driving on one-way all the way from Oshodi to Mile 2 and even assaulted the officers trying to arrest him by biting off the officer’s finger.

“He was charged accordingly and he spent three months in Badagry Correctional Facility and his vehicle impounded.

“This is the reason why we urge members of the public not to be sentimental about actions like this because anyone on the receiving end would feel the pain caused by one-way drivers.

“We have also had other incidents where a heavily pregnant woman was knocked down by a driver who drove against traffic along Apapa, leaving her family members in disarray.

“These actions are needless and can be curbed if drivers just exercise a bit of patience and restraint on the roads, but in the case where they fail to do so, then they will be apprehended and brought before the Magistrate.

Jejeloye appealed to Lagosians to be steadfast in the fight against traffic indiscipline on Lagos roads, especially driving on routes meant for the opposite traffic.

He urged them to be patient while driving and promised to do more in ensuring that traffic offenders are brought to book and orderliness is maintained on Lagos roads.

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