‘Aside from a sense of belonging, what proof does anyone have that Christians have fared or will fare better even with a Christian-Christian Presidency?’ – By Uche Diala


I have read and heard a lot from fellow Christians about Muslim-Muslim ticket and I wonder what really it is about. Is it fear, a lack of understanding, mischief or all of the above?


First, from an circular and political perspective, it is a choice by one political party out of 16 political parties in Nigeria running for the Presidency. So there are plenty of choices. Why not take any of the other choices; either individually or collectively with the Holy Spirit as the guide; if we are sincere.

It bears asking: How have Christians who have being and who are in positions of authority in Nigeria; local government, state and federal assemblies, state governments and federal government in different capacities defended the Church, Christians and the Christian faith? How have they, by their conduct and stewardship advanced the cause of Christians and Christianity? Are they more dedicated and less corrupt for instance than their Muslim and pagan counterparts?

Aside from a sense of belonging, what proof does anyone have that Christians have fared or will fare better even with a Christian-Christian Presidency?

Many may have read my opinion on the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the APC. Like Reverend Fr Oluoma and Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah have rightly said; I know that it was a matter of political exigency in a bid to win election and not any apocalyptic plan to decimate or obliterate Christians in Nigeria. Anyone that tells you that is naive, mischievous and a fear monger. Fear mongers are as dangerous as war mongers. We must pray and fervently too but our prayer should be sincere, spirit driven and not ignorance or fear driven.

Since the Church and all of us are now fully involved in politics, let me humbly advice us to pay greater attention to the individuals seeking to represent us in the state and national assemblies.


1. If we as Christians and especially my South East  geopolitical zone are not able to send competent people with the right legislative ranking and on the right political party (majority) to the National Assembly, the chance of having a Christian or a South Easterner as Senate President is almost zero. There’s only so much a President can do – Muslim or Christian.

I don’t need to tell us that it is a democracy and politics; not religious fellowship and the real power balance happens between the Presidency and the National Assembly. 

Senator Ken Nnamani as Senate President was able to fight President Obasanjo to a standstill.

The Vice President is an appendage of the President. Otherwise what magic has Prof Osinbajo done as a Christian VP?

2. No Muslim President can ‘Islamize’ Nigeria (whatever that means) by force, fiat or by getting an Islamic army to over run Nigeria of 36 states and FCT. He can only do it by changing legislations. To change the constitution of Nigeria, you need 2/3 of state assemblies and the two chambers of the Natural Assembly to do so. That’s a no brainer.

You see why those we elect to the National and State Assemblies are important? Even more important. Are they true soldiers of Christ and the Church or just Christians by mouth?

By the way, it was the same state Assemblies that rejected a constitutional ammendment proposal to grant them autonomy.

When President Muhammadu Buhari a Fulani Muslim signed Executive Order 10 to grant autonomy to LGAs so that through the NFIU Act Local Governments will be getting their allocations directly to develop our local government areas (and no longer through the Governors who don’t give it to them or in full), all 36 Governors in Nigeria (Christians and Muslims minus none) went to the Supreme Court and got the court to declare the order illegal and stop it.

So what guarantees do we have that a Muslim-Christian or even a Christian-Christian ticket would better our lot; both as a people and as the Church?

Be careful to know when you are being taken for a ride. In all thy gettings, get wisdom for wisdom is profitable to direct.

May I humbly apologise if this that I have said offends anyone. Forgive me.
God puts people among us as vessels of truth and a guide. If I be one of such vessels by the grace of God, I have tried to do so to the best of my ability, at great personal cost, including alienation, insult and hatred. But Christ suffered more. So who am I?

May God grant us wisdom, grace and a sound and discerning mind in Jesus’ name. Amen


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