Alaafin Stool: Twenty Eight Royal Families Plead For Justice, Inclusiveness In Selection Process

  • Photo: Alaafin’s stool*

By Amidat Moradeyo


Twenty- eight royal families out of  the 29 heirs apparent to the throne of the Alaafin of Oyo from the Agunloye Ruling House have called on the Oyomesis, the good people of Oyo town and the Oyo State Government to select one of them for the exalted position of the next Alaafin, which in their view,  is the only way to ensuring justice and fairness in the selection process of who amongst them becomes the next Alaafin of Oyo.

According to family sources, since the death of their common progenitor in 1875 i.e Alaafin Adelu Agunloye who fathered 29 male children, only the children from the first son ( Daodu) Lawani Agogo’ja who ascended the throne in 1905 and ruled for 6 years, were the ones usually selected  as Alaafin to the exclusion of the remaining twenty eight eligible families.

The family source explained further that Agogo’ja’s son, – Ladigbolu suceeded him in 1911 and ruled for 33 years, while again, in 1956 when it rotated to the Agunloye Ruling House, it was Alaafin Ladigbolu’s son – Bello Gbadwgeson that was picked to succeed the father and his reign lasted 12 years. Summarised hereunder is the succession pattern.

Now the question is: Should the first-son-monopoly continue, to the detriment of other siblings? The answer is NO!  According to the source,  since there were Alaafins who were not first sons like the immediate past two Alaafins – Alaafin Gbadegesin and Alaafin Adeyemi, the Agogo’ja monopoly should be tempered to accomodate descendants of his brothers who are equally selectable as an Alaafin.”

Find below a listing of Agogo’ja’s 28 brothers whose descendants are equally selectable to be the next Alaafin.

1.            Tella Kofoworola (Baba Ilaka)

2.            Akee Amulegboja 

3.            Agbonyin  Alayoayo 

4.            Ajuwon L’oja (Loogundudu)

5.            Tella (Irinborogidi)

6.            Olaaniba (Baba Mosalasi)

7.            Akee (Aba ni Ikan Nda)

8.            Afonja (Aburo Aba Ni Ikan Nda)

9.            Tela (Arowona)

10.          Afonja Arowona (Ile Ilugbenka)

11.          Agbonyin (Arowona)

12.          Ajuwon Sanni (Isale Oja)

13.          Ajuwon Shittu (Isale Oja)

14.          Tella (Arowo-je-Mosa)

15.          Tella Ibrahim (Isale Oja)

16.          Adeoye (Ile Olokuta)

17.          Tella (Asese-ru-Ogungun)

18.          Tella Adeoti (Ile Olusami lajire)

19.          Oyelegbin Ilaka (Baba Iyemoja)

20.          Tella Isheke

21.          Tella Oluokun Aremo’ye Agunloye)

22.          Tella Lagbaaja (Ile Tetu)

23.          Adetunji (Ile Awonwon)

24.          Akadiri (Baba Omo Adegoolu)

25.          Adeniran (Baba Salami Ilaka)

26.          Akee Akadiri (Abidekun Agunloye)

27.          Tella (Iyalamu)

28.          Ajuwon (Adeniregun)


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