2023: An endorsement of Magnus Ngie Abe as Rivers State next Governor- By Fatai Ibrahim


* Photo: Senator Abe*


 “Successful people hold on tenaciously to their dreams and vision, because they know that dreams and vision do come true sooner or later “Praise George.

The above illuminating Quote from Praise George succinctly captures the Unique Personality of HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR MAGNUS NGIE ABE, a consummate and grass root oriented Politician, whose Knack for Excellence and meritocracy is legendary. His Pedigree and antecedent as a Politician of note, lawyer, humanist to the core, a philanthropist Per Excellence, a detribalized Nigerian as well as an indefatigable Political Juggernaut in Rivers State and a great Mentor to millions of Nigerians are sterling qualities he is appreciated for.

 In the immortal words of Theodore Roosevelt who said” The most successful Politician is he who does what the people are thinking most often, in the loudest voice” HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR NGIE MAGNUS ABE’S immense and immeasurable contributions to the growth of Rivers State and the Nigerian Project, close to 3 decades, are feats that should be commended by those who are committed to the growth and development of Rivers State.

SIR WILLIAM SAPARA, the first indigenous  Lawyer in Nigeria once posits” A legal Practitioner lives for the direction and welfare of his people as well as advancing the cause of his Country” inline with this popular aphorism of Sir Sapara WILLIAM. HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR MAGNUS NGIE ABE, a legal Practitioner of repute sojourn into the Rivers State political firmament in 1999, as he was elected into the Rivers State House of Assembly, serving as a minority leader. His Wealth of experience and intellectual acuity was brought to bear as Hon. Commissioner for Commissioner for information in Rivers State under the dynamic leadership of His Excellency DR. PETER ODILI. To the glory of God he was appointed Secretary to Rivers State Government in ROTIMI AMAECHI’S lead Government.

 Due to HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR MAGNUS NGIE Abe’s diligence, dexterity, commitment to service delivery, results oriented and as a great team player, was called upon by his people from Rivers East Senatorial District to represent them at the Red Chamber of the Senate where he served with distinction and to the admiration of millions of Nigerians from May 2011 to May 2015.

As in the words of DR. ROHILALA MANDELA @ the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa in 2003, when he asserts” Education is the greatest Weapon we can use to change the World ” HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR MAGNUS NGIE Abe had his early education in Gokhana @ Saint Peters State School, YAGHE and Boy’s State School, OKRIKA and later rounded up his Primary Education at BEDWELL Primary School, where he came out with Merit in FSlC Exams. He later proceeded to St. Patrick COLLEGE IKOT -ANSA, CALABAR and later came back to Rivers State AKPOR GRAMMAR School, OZUOBA to complete his Secondary Education.

 In his quest for higher Education HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR MAGNUS NGIE Abe obtained his LLB Law Degree from the Prestigious Rivers State University of Science and Technology and was called to the Nigerian Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 1987. One of his Core Principle is using the instrument of the law for social engineering, societal development, strict observance of rule of law and Constitutionalism.

As the momentum for 2023 Rivers Governorship Elections gather momentum, our fervent prayer is that HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR MAGNUS NGIE Abe will listen to the voice of reason by making himself available for the Exalted office of Rivers state Governor come 2023, so as to bring the desire revolution, and working with his amiable team for the common good and accelerated development of the entire Rivers State.

Appreciating further HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR NGIE MAGNUS ABE for always remaining” constant as the Northern Star” in his pursuit and upholding the truth, no matter whose ox is gored as once adumbrated by SIR SENATOR MELFORD OKILO (of blessed Memory) Former Rivers State Governor In his Book” The Truth” where he said “When you speak the truth, you are not only speaking the mind of one Person, but you must have spoken the minds of Millions of People”

 In finality as HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR MAGNUS NGIEABE Set to unveil his Vision to Rivers People due to popular Clarion call by Men and Women of goodwill in Rivers State and beyond. It is our hope his emergence will bring good tidings, prosperity and economic transformation of Rivers State to next and desire level, as his wealth of experience and intellectual sagacity will help to bring better life to the entire Rivers Citizenry. Urging HIS EXCELLENCY SENATOR MAGNUS NGIE Abe to always have solace in the immortal words of FRED VAN AMBURGH who opines “DREAM BIG DREAMS, then put on your overalls, and go make the dreams come true”

 *Fatai Ibrahim can be reach @ fataii b5 @ gmail com.


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