You see some characters today who have become “celebrities” and “influencers” and you begin to do silent prayers for your children’s future – By Adedamola Adetayo


*Photo: Adedamola Adetayo

Every so often – as a result of.jobless idleness – I find myself watching some of the atrocious Nollywood videos with my wives.


I will often shake my head, the poor quality th script and acting. You want to remember the days of Duro Ladipo, Hubert Ogunde, Oyin Adejobi, D. O. Fagunwa’s Igbo Irumole, Akin Ogungbe:s Ireke Onibudo, Prof Akinwunmmi Ishola, Pa Adebayo Faleti, Adeyemi Afolayan and a host of others.

You want to thank God for sparinf the lives of Kola Oyewo, Sunday Omobolanle, Adebayo Salami, Baba Wande, Aderupoko, Tunde Kelani and many others.You are happy that we have Lanre Balogun, Wale Macaulay, Bimbo Akintola, Bimbo Manuel and others.


Those are names I am able to quickly remember offhand, it’s not as though there are not many others or I consider the ones I didn’t remember to mention of any less relevance. As it was in the theater so it was in Music, Academia, Journalism, Politics and many other Professional callings.

They stuck to whatever they did and made names from their endeavours. THEY WERE MEN!!!!Then you ask what made those men thick????It was the upbringing of that time. Children were brought up with a different set of VALUES that shapes them from childhood. They were already ‘thinking children” at very early ages.

My own generation met some of those trainings and it reflects in the lives of many of us till now. At some point i asked my younger wife recently if she ever enjoyed the fun of Tales by Moonlight. Those were the days before the Internet and Cable TV when families lived like families.

When Men were husband’s and women were wives. When we as children gathered at the feet of our mothers or the oldest persons to learn words of wisdom transmitted through folklores.

In those days,men were quickly inducted to the truths of spirituality. It wasn’t then the types of fakery we have these day. And children quickly grew into men, very serious-minded men! They had sense of responsibility and priorities. It is not what we have today. We have long missed the path.

Today, children grow into bigger children and then into overgrown children. Charley boy is today in his 70s but I don’t see any difference between him and Davido. When men like Sowoore goes upandan shouting “Take it back” I just shake my head.

The Indomie Generation on Social media will chorus the same thing with him. They will go about shouting:

“Gowon was 32years old when he became Head of State”

“Mobolaji Johnson was 29years old when he became Military Governor of Lagos”.

“Wole Soyinka’s name has been ringing in Nigeria since 1964. He was only 30years old then”

“Awolowo was 40years old when he inspired Egbe Imo Oduduwa to form the Action Group which swept the whole Western Region”.

“Enahoro was this and Ojukwu was that.”

“How old was Ahmadu Bello when he became the Powerful Premier of Northern Region”.

Infact ” Sikiru Adetona was just 26years old when he transformed into Awujale Ògbágbá II in 1960 and the whole Ijebu land fell to his feet”.

Very funny People. They truly believe the 32years of Gowon is the same 32year old children of today who most often are still running after and calling “Mumsie” and “Popsie” every minute of their lives.

Funny enough, in this fourth republic, majority of the players like Bola Tinubu, Orji Kalu, Lucky Igbinedion, Rotimi Amaechi, Nasir El-Rufai all came into National prominence when they were barely 40years old. Rotimi Amaechi was barely in his 30s when he became Speaker HoA in Rivers State.

So, they look around themselves today and wonder how a man of 40years can’t be President and Governors in TODAY’S NIGERIA.

AGE is truly a NUMBER but it is what is packed into those numbers that makes you either a child or an adult. It is the Quality of Exposures, Environment, Education, Street Wisdom Native Intelligence and Spirituality, ALL OF THEM deposited in you that adds up to make you an ADULT AND NOT NECESSARILY THE AGE YOU HAVE GATHERED ON EARTH.A man can be such an adult at age 25 even in today’s world.

In same way, it is the lack or incompleteness of those qualities in a man – which is sadly the more common order in today’s world – that also makes him a Child even when he may be 80years old.

It is the reason our Elders say: When a young man learns and knows how to wash his hands clean he will dine with the Elders.

In the Muslim North of Nigeria, a girl child of 14years already have more sense of wifely duties and responsibilities than most ladies of today’s Yoruba land in South who may be in their 30s.You find them marrying off girls at 14 years of age and you are there screaming “child abuse ” whereas most of your daughters here don’t have sense and their kind of maturity even when they get into their 30s.

In our villages, you will be surprised to find young men in their teens handling our “Ajebutter” youths from the cities like children. Yet the “Ajebutters” are in their 20s and 30s.

It is the reason you can sometimes find the man who is Phd holder acting as PA to the Illiterate Plank Sellers.

It is the reason that some market women may have more skills of People Management than many of today’s Professors.

Too many of today’s youths lack the qualifications that can make any right-thinking People entrust them with the sacred responsibility of LEADERSHIP.

It is quite sad indeed.

You hand over the earth to many of today’s youths and they will quickly ruin it totally.

You see some Characters today who have become “celebrities” and “influencers” and you begin to do silent prayers for your children’s future.

It is NOT WELL at all.

There is a problem.

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