Why did I take AstraZeneca vaccine even when I have never caught Covid19? – By Timi Hyacinth PhD


Yesterday, I took the AstraZeneca vaccine in the United Kingdom. I am grateful for the opportunity to take it and thank the government of the United Kingdom for making it available by particular age, to all citizens and foreigners in the U.K. at no cost.

Why did I take this vaccine even when I have never caught Covid19?


There are events that happen that must humble mankind and the pandemic is one of them. I will not  be presumptuous and disregard a gift to the world. All knowledge and wisdom, I believe comes from God.

The last time I took a vaccine was in 1994. While babies take BCG (anti- tuberculosis) vaccines, I took it as an adult. And I will share why.

In 1994, our family doctor discovered that my husband had tuberculosis, despite a previous diagnosis a few months before of Pneumonia when he was hospitalised. Our doctor is a personal friend who also delivered my two children, born a few years later.

She was worried when she discovered that I had been living with someone with TB (my husband) knowing well that TB is extremely infectious.

So, she asked me to do a test on my arm to find out if I had TB. I prayed to God; and let me tell you what I said: I honestly told Him that I would be bitter if I had to have TB by association, because I was married to my husband (please excuse the folly of my humanity as He has done).

By not catching TB, I escaped daily injections for two weeks and then injections every other day for 60 days (as I recall my husband had to take) and daily drugs for at least 9 months – a new treatment at the time).

After a few days, I returned to the hospital to have her inspect my arm to check the result.

She exclaimed: ‘it’s not possible!’. I was scared, ‘Do I have TB?’ I asked.

She said no. Then why this confused look on her face. She said the test not only showed that I did not have TB but also that I have never been exposed to it (Now how is that even possible?). It takes two weeks after treatment begins for a TB patient to become non-infectious. I had lived with my husband months after he had began to lose weight drastically and vomit blood.

So she sent me for a chest X-ray and it came out again that I had no signs of TB. Then she administered to me the BCG vaccine.

This only one of the extraordinary experiences I have had with God.

So why did I take the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine?

I am not presumptuous.

Doctors have been very kind to me and they have the unique experience of being ‘menders’ of human bodies. Many times they have been to me the hands that  God worked through.

I also took the vaccine because the Queen of the United Kingdom made an appeal that those who think they do not need it should take it for the sake of others. I totally agree. I want to break the chain of transmission.

Last year, I wanted to travel to Nigeria but held back because while I could trust God for my own safety I did not want to be a medium by which the virus inadvertently can be transmitted to anyone.

I urge you to help break the chain by observing Covid19 protocols and by taking the vaccine if it becomes available to you.

On this Mother’s Day I thank God for preserving your lives and answering my prayers for you


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