Usyk vs AJ: Anthony Joshua breaks down in tears after Oleksandr Usyk loss: ‘I’m upset deep down in my heart’


Anthony Joshua broke down in tears after losing his decisive rematch with Oleksandr Usyk.

After failing in his attempt to win back the unified WBO, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles from his nemesis Usyk, he was visibly enraged in the ring after the contest.


Speaking in the early hours at the post-fight press conference, the former champion was still overcome with emotion.

Attempting to explain how he felt, he faltered as he choked back tears, holding his head in his hands.


Anthony Joshua lost his temper after losing his rematch to Oleksandr Usyk and reacted angrily by throwing two belts and arguing with his team.

“I don’t feel anything,” he said at first, as he tried to come to terms with the effect of the loss, before he had to admit, “I’m upset deep down in my heart.”

In the immediate aftermath of the fight, he had flung two championship belts from the ring, marched momentarily out of the arena before returning to grab the microphone, not initially giving Usyk, the champion, the chance to speak.

He explained that behaviour, saying, “I was mad at myself. Not at anyone, just at myself. So I thought I’ve got to get out of here because I’m mad. Like anyone when you’re angry, you might do stupid things.

“Then I realised, this is sport. Let me do the right thing.

“Then I just spoke from my heart,” he continued. “It’s been so tough. You see AJ holding it together and I’m a hustler so I try and hold things together and I try and work hard, put things together, make sure my team’s good. But it comes at a cost, a big cost. It’ll never break me, but it takes real strength for it not to break you.

Promoter Eddie Hearn said that Oleksandr Usyk’s performance was incredible and that Anthony Joshua wasn’t good enough on the night despite giving it everything.

“There’s a little crack in that armour. Because I took a loss and I think you just saw me upset.

“I’m a fighter,” he added, “I’m not a normal person, even though I try to hold it together.

“I was just in war mode.”

*Credit:Sky Sports

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