TINUBU IS COMING! – By Jesutega Onokpasa


Bola Tinubu may be the greatest political phenomenon of our generation but he is a religious minority in his own house! His number one political product thus far is a Christian pastor who has excelled as Vice President.”

*Photo: Tinubu*

For some reason I find myself writing this Christmas morning, the blessed Advent of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Except that we have an election in exactly two months and I cannot but address that all important national task, even on Christmas Day.

My candidate is, of course, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whom I am happy to report that I support in all good conscience and with utmost pride. While there are a great many like me who see in a Tinubu Presidency, precisely what our country needs at this time, I am not at all dismissive of those who see things otherwise. What I would however say is that whatever anyone might have against Bola Tinubu, his astonishing ability to cobble together just the right team to get the tricky job of governance done, while delivering development and services to the people is something none of his detractors can take away from him.

Indeed, Tinubu strikes me as someone life has long been preparing for just the very job he has presently applied for. Bola Tinubu’s mother was a market woman who painstakingly rose to become a leader amongst her colleagues by looking out for them, bringing them together for their collective benefit, and, solving all kinds of problems for them. That is Tinubu’s background. In short, Tinubu’s leadership acumen is generational in its origins, a competency he has manifestly succeeded in exemplifying throughout his life but most spectacularly so during the course of his political career.

Bola Tinubu may be the greatest political phenomenon of our generation but he is a religious minority in his own house! His number one political product thus far is a Christian pastor who has excelled as Vice President.

And, I believe it is God who, in the mystery of His divine ways, constrained Tinubu to have to fight tooth and nail for the presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress, APC, arguably more than any other presidential candidate has ever had to struggle to become his or her party’s flagbearer! God always knows what He is doing and He never makes mistakes. As a believer, I believe the reason he made Tinubu to pass through the ordeal he underwent for a ticket to which he should have been accorded a right of first refusal is because God is preparing him for something for the good of this country and the glory of His Holy Name.

For those who have been misled into what in reality amounts to nothing but an entirely unfounded fear of a man who, in private and public life, alike, has arguably impacted more lives than any other person in this country, I would assure them the only thing they have to fear from a Tinubu Presidency is the overall betterment of our country. That is what the evidence regarding his antecedents, past deeds in government and political journey thus far profusely disclose and, unless we are supposed to then discard the evidence of past accomplishment and to replace same with mere ill-natured conjectures of lifelong naysayers, in Tinubu we already have the best man to hire as President come February.

If a man has done it before, then it is compelling logic that he would do it again. Any suggestions to the contrary are at best patently unfounded, woefully speculative and shamefully without basis. Otherwise, they are most disgracefully maleficent.

In any case, none of the other contenders for the presidency of our country comes even remotely close to Tinubu in terms of their achievements in government or elsewhere, for that matter. Indeed, all of them combined could never boast of having positively impacted the number of lives the Asiwaju could anytime, any day account to his interventions both in his public and private capacities.

The other day, I heard Bishop David Oyedepo of the Winner’s Chapel declare that what Nigeria requires at this time is not a leader but a deliverer. I may not be one of his followers but I completely agree with Oyedepo on that point. My only surprise is why the Bishop seems to be heading all the way to Sokoto in search of this deliverer when all he needs to do is dip his hands into the pockets of his ‘sokoto’. I can assure him that no one fits the bill of the deliverer he hungers for more than his own brother, Bola Tinubu.

If it so happens that his problem with the Asiwaju showcases religious colouration, I would most respectfully remind the bishop about Cyrus the Great, king of the Achaemenid Empire, whom it was that it pleased Almighty God to raise up for the deliverance of Israel. The Emperor, Cyrus it was who then ended the Babylonian captivity, decreed that the Temple in Jerusalem should be rebuilt, that those amongst the Jews who wished to return to Israel could do so, and, even sent the returnees back to their homeland with the sacred vessels which had been taken from the First Temple, as well as, a huge amount of funding to build for The Lord!

Cyrus was a complete pagan, an uncircumcised idol worshiper, a heathen and an unbeliever whom God nevertheless chose for the enactment of His will and the deliverance of His people. At least, Bola Tinubu is only a Muslim, therefore someone who believes in God and most certainly not any kind of pagan – why would it be impossible for God to choose him in fulfilment of the Bishop’s prescription?

May this Christmas usher in an Advent of deliverance for our country in the New Year when our people go to the polls. The wise live by grace and can see it in their lives and in the lives of their fellowmen. Bola Tinubu was clearly born with a star to make things better and to make better things. That is truly stupendous grace that can only come from above. May Nigerians therefore be wise enough to cut through all the noise and vote for the candidate that has done it before. Tinubu is coming! Merry Christmas, Nigeria!

Onokpasa, a lawyer and member, All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Council, writes from Warri.


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