The soldiers who killed Ustaz Goni Aisami must be brought to justice – Bulama Bukarti


*Photo: Ustaz Goni Aisami*

Shaykh Goni Aisami was the most popular Muslim cleric in Gashu’a, my hometown. He was killed on Friday by a soldier who claimed to be on duty and begged for a lift from Nguru to Jajimaji town. On their way, the soldier stopped and shot him 3 times and dumped his body to steal his car.


But Shaykh Aisami‘s car failed to re-start. The solider summoned his friend who’s also a soldier. Both spent the whole night trying to start the car. In the morning, villagers saw the body and reported to the police who arrested both suspects still struggling to start the car.

Lcpl John Gabriel and Lcpl Adamu Gideon of 241 Recce Battalion Nguru have confessed to their crimes, said the Yobe State Police Command. Justice must be served swiftly. It’s the Shaykh’s humility and telling truth to power that endeared him to people. May Allah admit him to Jannah.


The beasts who killed Ustaz Goni Aisami must be brought justice swiftly and the government must pay his family full compensation. That is because the killer used his position and gun as a soldier and it was the negligence of the authorities that led to his leaving the barracks with a rifle when he was not on duty.

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