TETFUND: Comparing Professor Bogoro’s TETfund with Mansa Musa ‘Golden Era’- By Fatai Ibrahim

“I prefer to be a dreamer among humblest with vision to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desire” – Khalil Gibran
Every good student of history is familiar with the remarkable reign of Mansa Musa popularly known as Mansa Kakah Musa whose reigns represented ‘Golden Era’ in the then ancient Mali Empire (Western Sudan  in the 19th Century). And like the great Mansa Musa, Professor Suleiman Elias Bogoro’s reign and visionary leadership at the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETfund)  will always remain golden as far as historians and book makers are concerned as well as  all those committed to nation building.
* Prof. Bogoro*
Mansa Musa’s leadership defined the golden age of Mali and hisstory will forever talk about him in Mali and the rest of the world. He was a great and visionary leader who was credited with the founding of University of Sankore. His organizational dexerity and smooth administration in achieving success was legendary. His  architectural innovations throughout his reign in the then Mali Empire was superb,  his administrative acumen remarkable and most importantly, he taught his subjects to always endure in every situation.
Since Professor Suleiman Elias Bogoro’s reinstatement as the TETfund Executive Secretary by President Muhammadu Buhari in January 2019, the erudite scholar has picked up from where he stopped during his first stint and has together with the support of the management, board members and staff of the fund continue to put on ground, top-class infrastructural facilities and equipment to boost learning in states and federal higher institutions of learning in the nook and cranny across Nigeria. This the TETfund boss has achieved in the South West, North West, South-South, North Central and South East. TETfund has also spread its tentacles to the North East and the schools are better for it.
At the Umar Ibn Ibrahim El-Kanemi College of Education Science and Technology in Bama, Borno State, TETfund provided funds for the procurement and installation of office furniture comprising a 20  set of  executive office tables, Senior Executive Leather Arm Chairs, 20 visitors Cantilever Chair, 203 Seater visitor Chair with steady base, 20 office tables and 20 secretary tables with drawers. There was also the procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of the office equipment comprising 50 desktop computers dual cone 4GB RAM 500GB HOD Window, these through the 2019 Zonal Intervention (Reconciled Projects).
Through the Special Intervention fund, the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU), Bauchi got various medical equipment for consulting rooms, matrons office, CMD Office, Theatre unit, procurement of two 2015 Toyota Hilux Steel Spec 4cyl, procurement of 1,450 high quality imported steel with scratch MDF wood top for students, lecture seat with accessories. Also there was procurement of 100 all-in-one integrated Solar Street light with long lightening time up to 36 – 48 hours duration and procurement, installation testing and commissioning of various laboratory equipment.
Bauchi State University Gadau was provided funds for the construction of a storey academic block which include one reception waiting room, construction and furnishing of a storey classroom block, supply, installation and testing of laboratory equipment which include 20 microscope binocular through Special Intervention. At the Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, TETfund through the Annual Merged 2017/18/19, TETfund constructed and furnished 500-Capacity Examination Halls with two offices Ensuite, construction and furnishing of 300 capacity Examination Hall, construction and furnishing of one-storey building which includes four laboratories, four classrooms among others which also included the renovation of Entrepreneurship Centre and procurement of equipment for Geological Technology and Science Laboratory.
At the same Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, there was the fabrication of mini tractor locally available materials for low income farmers, fabrication of improved sesame-threshing machine, fabrication of an improved power tiller for small scale farming, fabrication of an improved Soya Beans Thresher, fabrication of an improved hybrid power scale egg incubator design and fabrication of improved Rice Harvester all through the 2017/2018/2019.  Not done yet, the Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, also through 2019  the construction andj Special Intervention had furnishing of hostel building and associatedi external works, irrigation water management, laboratory for Civil Engineering Department, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of Academic Office equipment, comprising 60 Lenovo, all-in-one Desktop 4GB RAM 1TB HDD 20, Intel Core 13, Windows 13 and 60 Dell Inspiration Laptop Intel Core 13 and commissioning of Students Clinic Equipment.
Through the 2019 Zonal Intervention, Aminu Saleh College of Education Azare, procured and installed 170 office table MDF 800 + 1800 + 750mm with set of Drawers, 170  Executive Swivel Chairs and 340 visitors cantilevers chairs and 170 Book Shelves MDF 3 Doors. Like its Azare counterpart, Adamu Tafawa Balewa College of Education Kangere  through the 2019 TETfund Special Intervention High Impact  got a one-story building which houses the School of Adult Education Complex, Dean’s and deputy  Dean’s Office, HOD Adult Education, HOD Home Economics Office, HOD Social Development Office, Public Administration, Accounting Department , Social Development Library, HOD Entrepreneurship Office, Department  Adult Education Library, Hair Dressing Laboratory, Child Development, Cosmetology Laboratory, Dry Cleaning, Textile Laboratory, Knitting Laboratory, Exams Office and Staff Office, all furnished to state.
Adamu Tafawa Balewa College of Education Kangere also got the construction of School of Science Complex, 24 Offices (All Ensuite), Laboratory with Prep Rooms / Equipment Rooms, supply of furniture equipment and vehicles, furnishing of School of Science Complex, construction of School of Education Complex, supply, installation of computer and computer accessories and instruction materials 50 (All in one), 10 HP Desktop Computer Widow and 64 Intel 7th generation all through Zonal Intervention.
Adamawa State University Mubi through the 2019 Zonal Intervention and Special High Impact 2019 got installed with 190 solar street light all-in-one 80W complex with solar controller, installation of 42 double-sided metal book shelve, construction of one suspended impact floor for Undergraduate Female Hostel Block Comprising 45 Offices (A to F), construction of Faculty of Agriculture, Dean’s Office, Library Block for Faculty of Agriculture, studio block and departmental office block for Faculty of Environmental Science.
Through the Annual Merged Intervention, TETfund constructed and furnished the Physical & Health Education Complex, comprising Gymnasium Hall, Fitness Hall, Indoor Sport Hall, second Instructor’s  Office, one administrative Office, one Sport Kit Office, 240 water closet toilets, construction of one-storey Female Hostel and construction and furnishing of 18 Rooms Male Hostel, supply and installation, testing of sport equipment and supply of 250nr Mattresses Size 2000 + 900 + 200mm at the College of Education, Hong. The COE also got 80W all-in-one integrated solar street lights with galvanized steel pole, construction of two hostels with 16 rooms and 36 toilets, these through the allocation of the year 2019 for the completion of 2015 special intervention.
The Yobe State University and the Federal Polytechnic, both in Damaturu were not left out. At the university, there was construction and furnishing of two suspended floor for Faculty of Agriculture building, six Conference Hall, one library, two laboratory, four general staff office, 12 classrooms and 55 toilets through the 2017/2019 Annual Intervention. At the Polytechnic, TETfund also through the 2017/2018/2019 Intervention constructed 1,000-capacity auditorium with 10 offices, construction of external works and furnishing of the 1,000 capacity auditorium which include 1,000 composite lecture theatre seats size 620 + 450 + 900mm. TETfund intervention at the Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu also included supply, installation, testing and commissioning of various equipment for building services workshop, mechanic machine laboratory, commissioning of various tools and equipment for power plant laboratory, commissioning of equipment for environmental engineering, commissioning of equipment for transportation and irrigation laboratory.
Also niot left out is the Federal University Gashua,  Yobe State with the supply, installation testing and commissioning of  100 Solar street light with solar charger controller and battery and supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 142 desktop computer  as well as supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 142 UPS 650 Drawer closer VA, 30nr HP LaserJet.
Mai Idris Aloma Polytechnic, Gaidam, as part of its 2017/2019 Annual Intervention got Central Library Complex, installation and commissioning of one 100KV sound-proof generating set. Also there was procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of equipment such as 47Hp 200 63 (All in one desktop core 15 1TB HDD 4 Windows 10 pro OS with one year Anti- Virus. Umar Suleiman College of Education Gashua, Yobe State through the 2019 Zonal Intervention also benefitted as 117 desktop computer HP dual core were supplied, installed, tested and commissioned.  The same Umar Suleiman College of Education was through 2015/ 2016 Annual Merged Intervention was gifted the construction of office complex, construction and furnishing of 250-Capacity Lecture Theatre, commissioning of two 100 KVA sound-proof generating sets, procurement of one Toyota Hilux 2019 model and commissioning of 50 HP all in one Desktop G3 200 Intel core 15 GB RAM, TB HDD with accessories and one year anti-virus.
Benefitting through the 2017/2018/2019 Annual Intervention, the Federal College of Education (Technical Potiskum) got School of Business Education, one Departmental Library, one Computer Library, three classrooms, construction of Home Economics Department, supply of furniture to school of Business Education and Home Economics.
Taraba State University through the Special Emergency 2020 Intervention got various laboratory equipment and they were installed, tested and commissioned.
Taraba State Polytechnic, Suntai benefitted through the construction of School Of Engineering Technology Complex consisting of  lecture rooms of 100 Capacity each, 4 lecturers offices, 4 HOD and secretary offices, one  Dean office, Faculty Board Room and one exam office through the Annual Merged 2017/2018 Intervention. Others included procurement and installation of furniture for the School Of Engineering Complex as well as procurement and installation of studios and carpentry work shop and equipment, supply and commissioning of one Toyota Hilux  4WD Double cabin (speed manual transmission, power steering tropicalized engine). Taraba State Polytechnic Suntai was also provided with supply and installation of various tools and Equipment for Department of Civil Engineering Building Technology through the 2019 Special Intervention.
The College of Education, Zing, Jalingo, was provided with funds for a well-furnished auditorium, one reception, three offices, two stores and changing rooms. Others are supply, installation and commissioning of equipment comprising 90 solar Street Light, all in one intergraded system complex with accessories, one Toyota Hilux 4WD (double cabin air condition, 5 speed Manual transmission), construction and furnishing of Computer-Based Testing Centre (CBT), 250 Capacity Hall, four offices and one data room. All these were got through combined 2017/2018/2019 Annual Merged and 2019 Special Intervention
Federal University, Kashere, Gombe State through 2019 Zonal Intervention and 2017/ 2019 Intervention procured  interactive electronic learning board with power back up installed and tested. Others are procurement, installation and testing of education laboratory equipment, procurement installation of equipment/internet radios, router for university internet accessibility and total coverage, procurement of shoe making machine for entrepreneurship and procurement of automobile. The FCE (Technical (Gombe) was provided with 10 Senior Executive Tables, 150 Executive Chairs, 300 visitors Chairs, 50 magnetic white writing boards with two dusters and five packs of white board maker. Also procured and installed of 10 drawer cubabi, 100 new drawer clime file cabinets and 30 office refrigerator as part of the 2019 Zonal Intervention.
The Annual Plus Project Maintenance 2019  Intervention was all College of Education Biliri, Gombe State needed to be supplied and installed 50 solar street light all in one 50 complete with solar charger controller battery so also is the supply and installation of 90 Desktop HP computer.  The 2019 Zonal Intervention completed the projects through the construction of twin lecture theatre each with 250 Seater Capacity.
At University of Maiduguri, there was construction of one storey building for academic building with offices and lecture facilities for Department of Biochemistry, construction of Faculty ff Pharmacy Lecture Hall, lecture rooms  and laboratories, construction of Veterinary School of Virology laboratory through 2017 to 2019 Annual Merged intervention.  The 2017 Zonal intervention captured the renovation of Ado Bayero Hall Wing, Tafawa Balewa, (B1)  Hall, Murtala Female Hall ( Block 4), rehabilitation and  renovation of Students Hostel Block and procurement of equipment. 2018 Zonal intervention was reflected through the construction of 23.7km fencing comprising Hollow Sand create Block work.( 2018 Disaster Recovery  intervention, supply and installation of Furniture and office equipment and  the 2019 Zonal intervention was part of the procurement of Solar-powered street lighting for Academic areas, comprising 42 Solar PV Modules160w.
Federal University Wukari was not left out of the various intervention fund as TETfund led by Professor Suleiman Elias Bogoro constructed the Faculty of Agriculture, Academic Staff Complex for Faculties of Humanities Management and Social Sciences, construction of classrooms building for Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, construction and furnishing of Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences comprising lecture rooms, laboratories and Library. There was also the construction and furnishing of Faculty of Engineering three Lecture Halls, four laboratories, library and conference room, construction of School of Post-Graduate Studies, seminar rooms and board rooms and to cap it all, the supply and delivery of 30 Seater 2017 Toyota Coaster Bus.
Professor Bogoro’s lofty and giant strides in tertiary institutions transformation in Nigeria as Executive Secretary Tetfund, will be seen as  “Golden era” like the great Mansa Musa at all times, in the eye of historians and all those committed to nation building. So Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said,” Man is but a product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes and that man is nobody but Professor Suleiman Elias Bogoro.
It is in this light that Dr. Abdullahi Ishaku, Provost, College of Education Azare, Bauchi State said, “We thank Prof Suleiman Elias Bogoro, the Executive Secretary, TETfund for providing our college with all facilities required for the successful take off  of early childhood care centre” which the provost described  as the best in the whole of North East Nigeria.
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