Tales from Atiku’s bedroom- By Femi Fani-Kayode


“I am constrained by God, my Christian faith, my concience and my values to right the wrong, speak the truth and clear the air. “

* Photo: Fani-Kayode *

Dino Melaye, the vile, villainous, sinister, ominous, malodrous, malevolent, arse-licking and rectum-sucking spokesman for the Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Council and a man for whom I have nothing but disdain, disgust and contempt has alleged that His Excellency Senator Kashim Shettima, our Vice Presidential candidate is the leader of Boko Haram and that he would open offices for the terrorist organisation in the Presidential Villa if he and His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, our Presidential candidate, are elected into office next year.

This notorious, shameless, asinine and desperate comedian’s hysterical outburst against Kashim Shettima is not only irresponsible, misplaced, disingenuous, baseless and utterly false but it is also complete balderdash.

His allegation is nothing but a specious lie and a well-planned, well-crafted and well-constructed mendacity which was dug up from the pit of hell and the archives of time.

His are nothing but the nonsensical words, of a nonsensical man, on behalf of a nonsensical candidate who is running a nonsensical and collapsing campaign. They are nothing but tales from Atiku’s bedroom.

Many of us have made similar unsubstantiated allegations against Kashim Shettima in the distant past based on the false testimony offered by his numerous and envious enemies, fake media reports and a series and plethora of contrived and well-articulated lies which were nothing but hearsay and which had no basis in rationality, reality, fact or truth.

Again many of these lies were purposely fabricated and maliciously fed to those of us that wanted to know the truth.

We were misinformed and misled and we were subjected to a massive and well-orchestrated disinformation campaign against what we later discovered to be an innocent man.

After yours truly spent no less than 7 years looking for the evidence to substantiate our claims without finding any we were constrained to admit that we were wrong and that we were less than charitable and totally unfair to the man.

Once all the claims against him had been successfully challenged and proved false and all the allegations and suspicions had been cleared it would take a wicked, godless and callous man or woman who had no fear of God to continue to sell, tell and perpetuate what he or she knows to be a slanderous and dangerous lie.

I am not such a man.

I am constrained by God, my Christian faith, my concience and my values to right the wrong, speak the truth and clear the air.

And that truth is that Kashim Shettima has absolutely NO link whatsoever with Boko Haram.

The truth of the matter is that we were wrong about him and that we owe him an apology and a debt of gratitude for his courage, patriotism and fortitude.

If anyone is likely to set up all sorts of blood-lusting and bloodthirsty terrorist cells and criminal syndicates in our country and give them offices in the Presidential Villa, if he is ever able to get there, it is Atiku Ibn Dubai himself and not Kashim Shettima.

The other type of office he will set up in the Villa is the one exclusively for his numerous cultic and free, wet and wild “friends” and other filthy and godless sodomites and boy lovers who have no respect for or affinity with the culture and norms of our society and who believe that deviant and unacceptable sexual practices are a virtue and not a vice.

It is those with this abominable, deplorable, reprobate and morally-depraved mindset and not the likes of Kashim Shettima that we need to fear.

We do not want our culture, religious norms, laws and constitution to be violated with the impunity of licentious, depraved and debaucherous lifestyles and to be treated with contempt.

We do not want practising sodomites and raving lunatics with little decency, little self-respect and little self-restraint in the Villa.

Dino, the thuggish village idiot and court jester from Kogi, is making these grave allegations simply because he and his embattled Presidential candidate are drowinung men.

They can see their presidential ambitions melting away on a daily basis like an iceburg approaching the tropics and they are panicking.

Again the consequences of the failure of his candidate’s abysmal campaign within and outside Nigeria have troubled them and have sent them into panic mode.

They went to America, they went to France, they went to the UK, they went to Dubai and they went to so many other parts of the world looking for help and support and sadly they met a brick wall.

They spent ours at the gates of those they went to see before being allowed in and after crawling like school children all over the corridors of those in power in those foreign countries  they were given a guided tour of the offices by a young lady who told them that other than her nobody of note was prepared to sit with them, see them or discuss with them.

Their attempt to go to the White House only for a guided tour of its beautiful grounds was also frustrated, rebuffed and rejected.

The Americans did not want him and his team anywhere near the place even though all they wanted to do was look at the pictures on the passage walls and count the fruit trees in the garden.

It is in the light of this unrelenting and monumental rejection by the Americans and the unfolding tragedy and the pitiful condition that Dino and his principal have found themselves in that they are now having what can only be described as a trauma-induced psychological and emotional meltdown.

They are falling apart by the day and are drowning fast and instead of focusing on the issues, staying at home and working hard, in the same way that our own leader and candidate is doing, they are making all manner of vile and unsubstantiated allegations against their perceived detractors and they are throwing stones and hauling bricks at those of us that oppose them.

Morning, day and night they do nothing but make childish, asinine, absurd and unsubstantiated claims about our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate and they speak with such venom, bile and hatred in their hearts.

Clearly they are now in a very dark place and the best we can do is to forgive them and to pray for them so that they may be free of their acute mental health challenges and vain delusions.

Yet for what it is worth let me remind them that at the end of day childish tantrums, baseless allegations, puerile insults, specious lies, malevolent vituperations and foreign Governments will not win the election for them.

It is the Nigerian people that will decide.

They alone will determine who our next President will be and no-one else.

It will not be decided in Paris, London, Washington, Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Saudi Arabia: those days are gone forever.

It will be determined and decided by Nigerians.

I want them.to know that no matter what they say or do we are going to defeat them at the polls and that is all that matters to us.

Dino the arse-licker claimed that Kashim Shettima is the Commander-in-Chief of Boko Haram.

I repeat: this is an absurd and spurious allegation which has no basis in truth or reality.

I challenge him to present his evidence to the Nigerian people or to bury his bald head in shame and keep his  stinking mouth shut forever.

As I said earlier, we have been down this road before and found that there was nothing there.

The allegations are designed to terrify the people and make them believe that the APC is a party of terrorists and demons and that our candidate, Bola Tinubu is a man that encourages terrorism and is harbouring a terrorist as his running mate.

Dino the court jester has unleashed a direct and unprovoked attack on our Vice Presidential candidates integrity knowing fully well that his allegation has no legitimacy and is baseless.

For this I hand him over to God who shall judge him speedily and punish him for his slanderous ways.

The Lord shall answer him for his sheer wickedness and his unrelenting and unyielding cruelty.

As I said earlier, these allegations against Shettima are nothing new and they have been investigated over and over again and he has not been found wanting.

For many years these allegations have been made but  there has been no evidence adduced to suggest that it is true and the reality is that it is NOT true.

It was a premeditated and wilful smear designed to destroy his political career but it did not work.

Instead of stopping him the man has gone from strength to strength over the years proving that God is with him.

Kashim is a refined, decent, intellectual, cosmopolitan, well-educated, well-read, well-travelled, civilised, modern-day and modern-thinking man who simply wants to serve his nation and ensure we move forward as a people.

If you look at his record in Borno State as Governor, before he was elected to the Senate,  you will see what he did and acknowledge his numerous and noble achievements.

If you consider the efforts of his successor in office, the present Governor of Borno state, Prof Babagana Zulum, you will agree that he is doing a great job.

Zulum is not the legacy of a terrorist. Rather he is a rising star with a great future.

What we have in Borno today is a legacy of a great leader and the foundation of that great legacy was laid by Kashim Shettima.

That is what he stands for and represents and NOT bloodletting and terrorism.

For anybody to try to smear his name the way the Atiku campaign is doing is nothing more than a reflection and mirror of the diseased mind and garrulous and wild disposition of those that are attempting to do it.

Not only is it a reflection of Dino the village idiot himself but it is also a mirror of the man (Atiku) that he is speaking for.

Permit me to conclude this piece with a few words about Abubakar Atiku.

He is nothing but a traitor.

He continuously betrays anyone and everyone that works with him.

Treachery, deceit, greed and betrayal are his middle names.

Those he has betrayed include President Olusegun Obasanjo, the late General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, the late Chief Moshood Abiola, Ambassador Baba Gana Kingibe, General Ibrahim Babangida, the late General Sani Abacha, Rear Admiral Nyarko, the late President Umaru Yar’Adua, President Goodluck Jonathan, President Muhammadu Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the PDM, the SDP, the AC, the PDP,  the APC, the PDP Governors, the Southern zone of the PDP and countless others.

His record in public office speaks of nothing but vanity, arrogance, a sense of self-entitlement, treachery and betrayal.

I assure you that at the end of the day, after he loses next years election, he will betray the PDP all over again just as he did once before.

After he loses he will abandon his supporters yet again and run back to Dubai to be with his Arab wife and friends for yet another four years after which he will resurface in Nigeria and try to grab the nomination to be flagbearer for yet another political party that is stupid and desperate enough to take him.

Given the fact thet he has run for the Presidency on both the APC and the ACN platforms each once before whilst he has used the PDP platform twice, perhaps the Labour Party will offer him their own platform to use in 2027 after Peter Obi retires from politics and goes back to his container business.

You see Atiku is loyal to his ambition alone and it has blinded his better judgement and blurred and marred his senses.

That is why he has been running for the Presidency for the last 30 years! Yes I said 30 years and those that doubt it are free to go and do the research to verify it.

A man that is so obsessed with power surely cannot be trusted with it.

He reminds me of the character called Golum in J.R. Tolkien’s famous book titled, ‘Lord of the Rings’: a vicious, ugly, pitiful, grotesque, accursed, cruel, obsessive and twisted little beast whose only purpose in life was the futile quest to pursue and possess something that was never destined to be his: namely the Ring of Power.

That is Atiku for you: he is a spiritual Golum.

He has no chance of redemption and he is likely to come to a sad and pitiful end just like Golum did.

Yet nothing illustrates his penchant for treachery and compulsion to betray more than the way in which he used, dumped and betrayed the 5 Governors of his PDP party.

He broke his word to them on countless issues and occassions which has resulted in an irrevocable and irreconcilable division In the ranks of their party and which has reduced them in stature, status, strength, prestige and fire power, removed their testicles and turned them into a shadow and caricature of their former selves.

And yet the village idiot and court jester is saying this is the man that should be President of our country?

A man that has destroyed his own party due to his selfish, personal ambition?

Will he not destroy Nigeria in the same way if given the opportunity?

May God forbid it!

The truth is that Kashim Shettima is 100 times a better man than Atiku and we will prove that at the polls. 

As a matter of fact when compared to Atiku Abubakar he is an angel.

By the grace of God we will defeat him even in his own local government area and ward in Adamawa state.

Permit me to conclude with the following: if you want to talk about those with links with terrorists, kidnappers and murderers, I believe Atiku Ibn Dubai will have to explain to us the nature of his relationship with some of those that have continuously supported or spoken for the killer terrorists and bloodthirsty kidnappers in our midst.

It is not Kashim Shettima that carried those people in his private jet in 2019 during the presidential campaign.

It is not Kashim Shettima that has a relationship with a vicious and dangerous individual that is currently in DSS custody that is likely to be hit with very serious terrorism charges very soon and who was recently arrested, extradited and forcefully brought back to the country from Egypt in order to face those charges.

It is not Shettima who is linked to those who are asking the Nigerian Government to pay terrorist kidnappers as much as they want and to even empty the coffers of Central Bank in order to pay them if needs be.

It is not Kashim Shettima that is close to those that warned that if we are not careful we shall soon be compelled to start paying kidnappers and terrorists in dollars in order to get them off our backs and get those they kidnapped back.

It is not Kashim Shettima that is linked to these people: it is Atiku Abubakar.

Again you may wish to ask why it is that in the last 25  years since terrorism has been ravaging some parts of our country, none of Atiku’s farms, schools, homes, offices or facilities have been attacked, touched or affected in any way if not for the fact that there is some kind of link or relationship between him and those that commit these atrocities.

Is he their godfather, does he pay them protection money or is he just lucky?

Time will expose the truth.

Meanwhile the time will soon come in this campaign when we shall expose who Atiku Abubakar really is to the Nigerian people. I assure you, you ain’t seen or heard nothing yet!

Until then I conclude with the following: Atiku is the greatest evil that the political dispensation has ever known since we gained our independence in 1960.

You can quote me on that!

(Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is the former Minister of Aviation and the Director of Public Engagements, Special Media Operations and New Media of the Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Organisation)


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