Stop police brutality, waves of bloodletting on us, IMN protesters tell Buhari

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), on Wednesday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to restrain the police from its brutality and bloodletting against peaceful protesters demanding for the release of their leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, and his wife, Malama Zeenah.
The protesters made the call during their procession which began at the Zone 3 Pedestrian Bridge in Wuse and terminated peacefully at Wuse Market, Abuja, as part of the effort to demand for unconditional release of their leader.
“It is high time police brutality and the waves of bloodletting stopped. Someone should call the Nigerian Police Force to order. Or, is the NPF law unto itself?
“Many people are at the receiving end, and there are shreds of evidence appertaining to it.
“Buhari and the retired Inspector General of Police, Mr Muhammad Adamu, ought to be reminded our determination to lay our lives in order to have it attained.
“As oppressive and tyrannical as the Buhari regime is, we can’t be daunted with threat, nor death, by whatever means.
 “If what Buhari stage-managed in Zaria in December, 2015 did not deter us, what is there to aid  in accomplishing the object?” Abdullahi Musa, who is the Secretary, Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement, told the journalists.
Musa stated that in a beleaguered country under serious siege of bandits and kidnappers, only justice can make the future bright.
The secretary, who recalled how the police attacked their members, killing two of their members while many sustained injuries in a peaceful protest, said the heavy traffic at the Wuse Market deterred the police from attacking them on Wednesday.
He insisted that their demand is for President Buhari to release their Zakzaky and his wife as ordered by the court.
“What we were  saying anytime we come out for the daily free Zakzaky protest is that, Buhari has oppressed us, he is still oppressing.
“He must stop the oppression and must free our leader unconditionally as ordered by a competent court of law and with this regard, we are ready to sacrifice our life.
“If this is what the Buhari regime has to proffer again and again, we have no option than to make the last drop of our blood available for the official vampires.
“Let them kill all of us, as we are ever ready to lay our lives for the freedom our leader,” he said.

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