Should we discuss sex education in schools? – By Abdulazeez Sirajudeen Folayemi



Worried about the immoral content of Sex Education Curriculum in Nigeria and how it is capable of corrupting our young ones most of whom  are in the age bracket of 5-14 years, the Hon. Minister for Education directed the Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) to expunge Sex Education taught in Nigerian schools from their curriculum. He stated that teaching of Sex Education should be left in the hands of parents who are the Primary Educators of their children and Religious Institutions which are the custodians of morals in order to safeguard the morals of our children.

However the Hon. Minister’s directive did not go down well with some pro-choice NGOs. They issued a statement  stating that the Minister’s directive is a hindrance to progress in providing school pupils and teenagers with factual information and skills on teen safe-sex and reproductive health (otherwise known as abortion) that are necessary for young people to make rational decisions about their bodies.

Comprehensive Sexual Education as it is called is an educational Programme with a Curricular aimed at Sexualizing Children around the world. During the Programme, school pupils in open classrooms are required to touch each other’s genital or private parts and find out the differences. The Programme is being aggressively promoted by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) using both local and foreign NGO’s as supporting partners as well as various United Nation Agencies. See  

In the class, Sex Organ Models are freely given to the Student, how it is used is also demonstrated. Sexual provocative statement are taught to the students and they are required to share their sexual experience such as their sexual fantasies (fantasies), “ feelings about oral sex (oral)”, “Whether they have had a homosexual relationship (gay-experience)”etc.  

In 2014  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organized the third Family Planning Pre-Conference in Abuja. At that Conference, the UNFPA launched a condom-safe-sex campaign entitled, “No Hoodie No Honey”. The campaign was targeted at young Nigerian girls in the age bracket of 14-18. It aimed at supplying condoms and contraceptives to these young Nigerian girls and convincing them that “safe-sex” is their right and therefore they shouldn’t be ashamed to practice it even if the different Nigerian cultures and religions teach otherwise. This is one of the strategy adopted to achieve their deceptive goal of “delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every young persons potential is fulfilled” see

While scientific evidence consistently shows that condoms, which contain naturally-occurring holes, do not protect its user against infections, HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases and against unwanted pregnancy, the UNFPA fraudulently move around the cities of Nigeria giving vulnerable youths the false hope that condoms will protect them against the realities of sex.

In short, these programmes are designed to dramatically alter the sexual and gender norms of our religion and society and no responsible government will allow the decimation of the prosperity of its Children especially the girls under the guise of immorality called Comprehensive Sex Education


The American College of Pediatricians has said that CSE is one of the greatest assaults on the health and innocence of children because, unlike Traditional Sex Education Which encourages Chastity, Abstinence and Sexual gratification within the marriage bond, CSE highly and explicitly promotes sexual promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviors among children and teenagers. It focus on teaching children how to obtain sexual pleasure in various ways , anyhow, anywhere and with anyone they feel like!.

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CSE harms children in the following ways and therefore should be banned in our schools;

Sexualizes children; teaches children to consent to sex at their pleasure; normalizes anal and oral sex: promotes homosexual/bisexual behavior; promotes solo and/or mutual masturbation; promotes condom use; promotes early sexual autonomy.  Fails to establish abstinence as children are known to practice whatever they are taught! It promotes transgender ideology; promotes contraception and abortion to children since it has been proven that condom can not prevent pregnancy or Sexually transmitted diseases. It promote sexual rights advocacy.  Undermines traditional and Religious values and beliefs.

Undermines parents or parental rights in providing guidance to their wards.

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About 16 years ago, an NGO called the Concerned Mothers Association, Lagos brought a law suit against the Lagos State government at the Federal High Court, Lagos over the sexualization of the Integrated Science curriculum to include the techniques of kissing, masturbation, breast enlargement, how to do abortion, how girls can sterilize themselves and be having sex without becoming pregnant etc.

Seven years ago, some Lagos-based NGOs also filed a law suit at the Federal High Court, Lagos against the Federal Ministry of Education and others over the smearing of some textbooks used in many secondary schools in Nigeria.


Most textbooks now contains lewd subject-matters teaching our children that self-control is unnecessary, virginity is madness and that casual sex makes them feel good, civilized and exposed.  These books contain lessons on how to engage in casual sex even at tender age and  before marriage, that there is no dignity in virginity; that ‘safe sex’ is what to aim for in life provided that they don’t get pregnant. And if pregnancy occurs, they should procure abortion as soon as possible.

In 2017, a Conference was organised  at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Victoria Island, Lagos. Two English literature books containing some lewd subject-matters were shown to the audience.  The first book authored by Oyekunle Oyedeji is: Tears of a bride, while the second book written by Queen O. Okweshine bears the title: Precious Child. Teachers in primary school has been using these books and some others to teach pupils how to practice “safe sex” and how to gain sexual pleasure.

Even Mathematics and Social Science textbooks used in many Nigerian secondary schools have been corrupted to include lewd matters in order to sexualize the young students. They include: Basic Science  Junior  Secondary School 3, Razat Publishers, 2018 edition. The book contain lesson on teenage pregnancy, types of abortions students can do, six ways to prevent pregnancy with contraceptives, how to enjoy ‘safe sex’ without pregnancy: etc.  Cry for Justice By Ademola Adefila; pages 60-61, 64-65, describe how to have sex. Sexual experience Stigma By Samson O Shobayo, The book encourages sexual relationship with HIV patients and kissing them. Basic Science & Technology for Junior Secondary School. The book contains lessons that  promote abortion, LGTB, masturbation and safe-sex with condoms. New Concept English for Senior Secondary Schools for SSS2, Revised edition (2018 edition)  By J Eyisi, A Adekunle, T Adepolu, F Ademola Adeoye, Q Adams and, J Eto, See Pages 103- 104 and read obscene and vulgar expressions.

In addition to being pushed as part of the school curriculum, harmful CSE materials are appearing on educational devices such as school-provided laptops, tablets and other instructional materials, even one of the largest pornography sites is offering  CSE. See



At present Concerned citizens, medical and mental health professionals, religious and civic leaders, officers of government, legislators, parents, teachers and youth representing millions of people in over 170 Countries are protesting against CSE Programme. See



You may be aware that Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the U.S. affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) have been under criminal investigation in the United States for harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies from unwanted pregnancy. America has one of the greatest teenage and underage pregnancy and abortion in the world! This is traceable to the sexualisation of their children and the hoax of Safe-Sex as been promoted by the hawkers of Comprehensive Sexual Education!

It may also interest you to know that through many of their 65,000 service points in over 170 countries, IPPF is promoting promiscuity, sexual pleasure and high-risk sexual behavior (including bondage and sadomasochistic sex) to children, under the guise of UN–mandated sexual education and counseling.

    They are Sexualizing our children for pecuniary gains! They receive millions of dollars from multiple UN agencies as one of the largest abortion and “sexual health” providers in the world, IPPF and their affiliates benefit financially from sexually active youth who need their services such as sexual counseling, condoms, contraceptives, abortions, HIV and other STI testing and treatment, etc.

There are petitions against the teaching of CSE in schools online If you would like to obtain a copy of this petition to present to your local government or school board please send an email to


and also to obtain more information about the evils of CSE


Our children are into prostitution today. An Italian expatriate said he has slept with 150girls. . A foreign expatriate could not sleep with a girl and he asked if she can sleep with his dog and the girl agreed!

a lecturer in one of the Nigerian University claimed to have slept with 250girls . Go to Nigerian Universities and observe activities in the campuses and night clubs around the institution and you will see our daughters freely engage in Prostitution.

our daughters sleep with men for as low as N500, even at times free!

A JSS girl challenged 7boys that they cant satisfy her! The boys took her to a nearby school where they had sex with her all in a round. The girl later collapsed and semen was seen oozing out of her Private part. The case was reported as rape in a police Station in Akure.  On cross examination the girl confess that she did invited them to sleep with her.

A girl may not be able to count the number of guys that have slept with her. So also men have lost count of the girls they have tasted! There is a research conducted in Akure on Underage Sex Workers. And it was discovered that some of our young girls as young as 10 go for sex for as low as N300!

A joint in Alagbaka GRA  is popularly called 16/54. (54year old men for 16year young girls) These are some of the negative consequences of the  sexualization of primary and secondary school pupils. Our boys have also turned rapist and Yahoo Yahoo.

Our Children are daily been bombarded on Mainstream media, Social media, Schools and Public places  with the tragically misguided message borrowed from abroad that safe-sex, LGBT1+, gay marriage, transgenderism, and bestiality are good for them with no negative consequence. We are loosing this generation!


It is hypocrisy and bigotry to impose your values on others. Values are not from the lens of the West only. Kilani 2022

We have our Culture and we are proud product of the Culture! Nobody should impose there Culture on us. Sexualizing our Children through CSE in the School is against our norms and values.  It is not only against our faith but it is against the moral bricks upon which our society is built.

Sex Education is one of the cardinal responsibility of the parent and custodian of religious education which is given as moral education to encourage abstinence and promote moral sex within the precinct of marriage.

We as Faith Based Organisation are calling on the government to ignore the protesting pro-choice NGOs because they represent a desperate cult which can go any length to make fortunes even by sacrificing human life and prosperity.

To protect the health and innocence of children and youth worldwide, we, as wives of Government officials (who are the mother of the Nation) female officers in governments, and those that are passionate about the prosperity of our children should stand up against this Programme and request the UN to abolish it as a policy towards the prosperity and moral uprightness of our Nation.

It is high time Nigerian parents woke up to their parental responsibilities. Parents are the primary educators of their children. Most social vices in Nigeria today are caused by failed parenting. Failed Parenting engenders Failed Leadership. The family institution, unarguably, is indeed the cardinal unit of the society. The family is the nucleus from which children imbibe cherished values which form the superstructures for the building of a prosperous nation. Therefore parents should rediscover themselves and reinvigorate their families and children to be responsible citizens. No nation prosper beyond the morality of its citizen. Omo ti ao ko ni yio gbe ile ti ako ta.

*Abdulazeez Sirajudeen Folayemi is a Religious and Political Analyst


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