Senator Orilowo’s Houses, Farms and Properties Vandalised By Hoodlums Over COVID-19 Palliatives

By Adam O. Adedimeji
At about 7 am on Saturday morning 24th October, 2020, hoodlums invaded the personal houses of Senator Adelere Oriolowo in Iwo and Osogbo where his properties and personal belongings worth several millions of naira were either carted away or vandalized.
His agricultural farms located at Odo-Oba and Alagbede, both in Iwo, Osun state were equally looted, vandalized and destroyed.
Preliminary information gathered was that the hoodlums came in search of palliatives and COVID-19 relief materials purportedly stored in the Senator’s house.
This dastardly act was very unfortunate and unwarranted and stand condemnable by peace loving people of Iwo and Osun state in general.
Those who carried out this condemnable act should be told that Senator Oriolowo was never at any time involved in any govt palliative distribution and is not a member of the Osun state committee saddled with the responsibility of sharing COVID-19 relief items to the people of the state.
Senator Oriolowo only got to know about the one found in Cocoa Industry Facility in Ede on Friday, October 23rd through the news like everybody else.
It should be recalled that at the peak of the Coronavirus when the whole country was on lockdown, Senator Oriolowo distributed several food items comprising rice, beans, chicken, eggs and yam to the people of his constituency from his own personal purse.
At no time was relief items given to him by the FG or state government for distribution to the people.
Food items distributed by the senator was his own initiative and it was done to ease the suffering of his constituents as a result of the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic.
More so, it was spearheaded by him alone and from his personal purse.
To think he is hoarding a certain number of palliatives at his home or anywhere else was nothing but the highest form of ignorance fueled by the desire of a number of disgruntled elements with intention to steal and destroy an innocent man’s properties.
Meanwhile, when the illusory palliative items being looked for were not found, it beats the thinking of rational minds that the hoodlums would result to barefaced stealing and destruction of the Senator’s houses and farms, his personal investments of more than three decades.
How does stealing of cows, pigs, fouls, eggs, and several other farm produce and equipments amounts to palliatives or relief items this hoodlums claim they were searching for?
For the record, Senator Oriolowo has been actively involved in the farming business since 1982 and the farm that was looted and vandalised has been in existence ever before the Senator ventured into politics less than two years ago.
So, what’s now the rationale behind destroying properties that was never established with ‘political money’ as persons with dirty minds will want people to believe?
While it is difficult to ascertain the total estimates of the stolen and vandalized houses and properties, it should be noted that the house in Iwo was totally looted and turned upside down with several vehicles in the premises destroyed.
Senator’s house in Osogbo was equally looted with several furnitures and electronic items carted away.
Furthermore, the multi-million naira farm facilities were looted, vandalised, and destroyed with farm produce, livestocks, and substantial farm equipments and machineries of monumental proportion carted away.
This is not to talk of damages inflicted onto the buildings and other infrastructures yet to be ascertained.
The Senator did acknowledge the initial peaceful nature of the protests by the youths and other concerned Nigerians for institutional reforms in the country especially regarding police brutality.
However, it is quite unfortunate and regrettable that hoodlums thereafter hijacked such a well organized protest and turn it into gangsterism which later snowballed into breaking of law and order throughout the country.
As unfortunate as this looting and vandalization of his houses and farms may be, Senator Oriolowo remains unbroken and disillusioned. His passion for his town, Iwo and his resolve to impact and improve on the fortunes of his senatorial district and its people remains unshaken.
Oriolowo promise to continue to serve his people in any capacity and that he will never abandon them.
He further promise that he will continue to facilitate for his Senatorial District whatever may enhance their development especially Iwo in particular and Osun West in general.
Adam O. Adedimeji Esq.
Senior Legislative Aide to the Distinguished Senator.
*Office of Senator Adelere Oriolowo*

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