Saudi Arabia: Family of student who died in school fight pardons classmate who caused his death

JEDDAH — The family of Abdullah Bin Ayyash, a student who died of head injuries sustained during a fight in a Jeddah school last Sunday, pardoned a fellow student who had inflicted the fatal injuries.

The family said they pardoned the student who was responsible for their son’s death seeking the pleasure of God Almighty.


A large number of people, including members of the bereaved family, attended the funeral prayer for Abdullah at Al-Quraiqari Mosque in Al-Salehiya neighborhood of Jeddah on Tuesday.

Abdullah Al-Ayyash, a real estate expert, said in a statement he posted on his Twitter account that the deceased student’s family announced their decision to pardon Abdullah’s classmate who was responsible for his death at a condolence gathering.

While offering the pardon, the family relinquished the private right with regard to the death of Abdullah for the sake of God.

Al-Ayyash said Abdullah’s father had set a great example when he hosted the accused student’s relatives at his house while the formal procedures of pardon were being executed there. The father announced the decision to pardon the accused in the midst of family members and relatives who gathered to offer condolences.

Fifteen-year-old Abdullah died at the Granada Intermediate School in Prince Fawaz district in eastern Jeddah last Sunday. The quarrel and subsequent fight between Abdullah and his classmate resulted in the death of the former.

In the midst of the fight, the classmate bashed Abdullah’s head on a table, leading to internal bleeding that caused his death. The fight occurred in the midst of other students in the third-grade intermediate classroom.

The Jeddah police and Department of Education started an investigation into the incident.

*Credit: Saudi Gazette

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