Reference Hospital Okene, the GYB standard – By Dr Baoku Olusola


*Photo: Gov Yahaya Bello *

*Photo: Image taken at Reference Hospital,Okene, Kogi State *


His Excellency Alhaji (Dr) Yahaya Adoza Bello, this image is not taken from USA, ENGLAND, PARIS OR INDIA.

Myself, Dr Baoku Olusola, an anasthesiologist and a team of surgeons successfully did seven surgeries within eight hours using sophisticated, world class equipments, tiltable electronic remote controlled operating tables, standard overhead LED operating lights, facilities for telemedicine, patients and fluid warmers, standard Dua vaporizer anasthesia machine, Electro surgical unit under perfect lightnings.


The shortest intraoperative transition between patients that have ever seen, no loss of power throughout, excellent staff coordination and patient satisfaction in line with international best practice. We are compelled to commend your Excellency for this state of the art hospital.

We took time to also visit the new roads under construction, the huge secondary school edifice and the Nursing hostel. You are indeed a visionary and a great leader.

Your legacy of infrastructures cutting across Health , Education  and many sectors will last for  generations  and your name will never be forgotten in this State till the end of time Your Excellency.

May Almighty guide your path to greater service for this Nation.

My personal experience on the 19th of January, 2024 in OKENE.

Dr Baoku Olusola.

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