Oyo State lost her best in Ajimobi – APC Aspirants Forum



-By Dejo Adebisi (Director of Communications & Strategy)For: Oyo state APC ASPIRANTS FORUM

The home-call of our ex-Governor, Sen. Abiola Ajimobi, as rudely shocking as it came, remains an admixture of sorrow and celebrations !

Painful that the timing of his earthly exit is bound to inflict a deep feeling of loss on his immediate family, we, members of his political family and the entire people of our dear state.

Painful that he left us when his political sagacity is most needed in navigating our party through the perilous turbulence hindering its smooth sailing.

Painful that he wouldn’t be there when the party he laboured so hard to build and led for over a decade shall, come 2023, re-enact the developmental blueprint he envisioned and implemented for an unprecedented eight-year term!

However, in spite of all these, we are unable to resist celebrating your finesse, elegance, astuteness as an administrator, intellectualism, outspokenness and courage.

You remain the pathfinder, the unsurpassed architect and builder of the new Oyo state.

These legacies lessen our pains.

May God forgive his shortcomings, fortify his immediate family and the rest of us.
Good night to a great Leader.



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