Oxford University gets first Igbo Language Lecturer

  • Emmanuel Ikechukwu Umeonyirioha *

World’s number one University, Oxford University, England, United Kingdom has announced its first Igbo language lecturer, Emmanuel Ikechukwu Umeonyirioha.

He made the announcement on his Twitter handle on Thursday. Mr Umeonyirioha said, “It is official that I am the first official Igbo Language lecturer at the number one university in the world, the University of Oxford.

“Our induction happened today by Marion Sadoux, Head of Modern Language Programmes, University of Oxford Language Centre.

“This became possible in account of the James Currey Society. This is the first time the Igbo language will be taught at the university. History has been made.”

While expressing his joy on this epoch, he promised to promote the culture and language of the Igbo.

“I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity.  I promise to make the Igbo language and culture known to the world.”

“First class starts next week Thursday, 3-4 PM on 12 Woodstock Road,” he said.


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