Osinbajo : Nobody Alive Can Hire Me to Write Anything – By Farooq Kperogi


*Photo: Osinbajo*

A source in Yemi Osinbajo’s office told me that the unprincipled, overrated, vulgar fool called Babafemi Ojudu paid fringe online publications to publish a story that it was Rotimi Amaechi who hired me to reveal Osinbajo’s insidious RCCGificatory bigotry.

About the time the publications came out, the source said, I wrote a hard-hitting appraisal of Amaechi’s presidential declaration, and the buffoon’s sponsored conspiracy fell apart! Millions of naira went down the drain!

Of course, they can’t credibly say it’s Tinubu who’s “bankrolling” me because no one has been harder on Tinubu than I have been. In a previous intervention I, in fact, listed Tinubu as one of the people whose ascension to presidency would cause me to renounce my Nigerian citizenship.

But this line of attack is old, tired, and sterile. Buhari goons had repeatedly used it. They used to say I was “sponsored” by Atiku Abubakar, a man I have torn apart in the past and that I have neither met nor associated with in my life. The regime expended resources to find out how much I have in my Nigerian bank account, from where money comes into it, etc. They also investigated to see whether Atiku or his companies ever wired any money to me in the US. They didn’t get the smoking gun they were looking for.

A source in the know of these pointless investigations told me that the honchos of the Buhari regime wondered in frustration what was “in it for” me. Being the avaricious moral cripples that they are—and that Osinbajo, Ojudu, Laolu Akandu and other immoral, illiterate toadies in the VP’s office are—they have no capacity to understand a little something called principled moral conscience.

These objectionably debauched jugheads can’t understand that there’re people who have a sensitive moral conscience, who are actuated by higher ideals, who are not given to crass mercenariness, who are too conscious of their own unconscious to avoid falling prey to the easy lures of instinctual, reactionary identity politics.

Of course, they’re engaging in what psychologists call projection, that is, the subconscious psychological process that disposes people to attribute to others the unconscious negative traits and emotions that dwell in them.

It’s morally degenerate dissemblers who accept money from politicians—or who’re disposed to accepting money from crooked politicians to deodorize the politicians’ ethical stench—that accuse others of doing so without a shred of evidence.

They are projecting their moral fragility, ethical rottenness, and lack of principles onto me. And it’s interesting that they give money to people to write that I have been given money to write what I write. That’s multiple layers of projectile moral putrescence: a demonstrably corrupt and bigoted Osinbajo instructs his maliciously ignorant and corrupt minions to pay degenerate hacks for hire to write that I have been paid to expose the truth of his bigotry. Can you beat that?

I have never ever been hired by anyone in all my life to write for or against anyone. No one on earth is rich enough to buy my conscience, not because I am stupendously wealthy but because I’m jealously protective of my independence. I am unpurchaseable.

When I gaze at the issues, I make self-conscious efforts to ensure that my judgments are not mediated by the primordial, geographic, cultural, religious, etc. lenses that come to people naturally, but by my sense of what is true, just, and fair.

I have consistently been critical of every government in power since 1999. The records bear me witness. It’s nothing more than the good old philosophy of holding people in power to account.


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