Omo Aj’orosun Club Presidency: Abiola Abdulahi Alli sure of victory as election holds on Sunday, October 31


As members of Omo Aj’orosun Club go to the polls on Sunday, October 31,2021, the campaign organization of Alhaji Abiola Abdulahi Alli has said their candidate is sure of victory.

 Alhaji Alli, a veteran Banker, professional Accountant, astute Administrator, successful entrepreneur and philanthropist is vying for the post of President of the foremost socio cultural and non-partisan Club in Ibadan.


His campaign team in a statement made available to The Shield Online said “Alhaji Abiola Abdulahi Alli is the best man for the top job going by his pedigree. It is noteworthy that members of Omo Aj’orosun Club are discerning people who appreciate quality and would not settle for the second best. They all know that Alli towers shoulders above all the other aspirants. As such, we have no doubt that they will overwhelmingly vote him as their President come Sunday, October 31,2021.”

Abiola  Alli was born to the family of Late Alhaji and Madam Alli Balogun of C2/457 Olofiere Compound, Mapo Hill, Ibadan. His father hailed from Ijaye village in Akinyele Local Government  while his late mother’s village is Obe village, Oyedeji under Lagelu Local Government of Oyo State.

As an upcoming leader, he is an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife, where he obtained both his first and Master degrees in Finance and Banking and Business Administration from the first generation citadel of learning. He started to demonstrate  leadership traits form youth as he was elected the Governor of his set during his post graduate programme.  As a thoroughbred professional Accountant and Banker of repute, he is a Fellow of both Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and Chartered Institute of Bankers of  Nigeria (FCIB).

Abiola’s career spans over  31 years as a Banker, Accountant and Business Leader his career is replete with a resounding milestones achievements in various spheres. He was a committed, dedicated and loyal employee to his employers which earned him a meteoric rise as a Supervisor to Regional Manager.

He worked meritoriously and served the following high profile Organisations among others:

Cooperative Bank Plc as a Supervisor, Trans International Bank Plc as a Pro Manager. Universal Trust Bank Plc and Union Bank Plc as a Regional Manager for South West respectively. After a successful career in the banking industry, he voluntarily retired in 2014 at FinBank Plc /FCMB as an Area Executive/Zonal Head for South West.

In his bid to transform and upgrade in life from employee to employer of labour through entrepreneurial skills he had garnered in his banking career experience over the years, he established FFP Global Investment and Resources Ltd in 2011 and till today, it is gratifying to note that the company is a successful entity servicing high net worth clienteles, actively providing consultancy services in the following areas: Banking, Accounting, Management and Tax.

He is also currently the General Manager of Metropolitan Broadcasting Services Ltd, owners of Impact Business Radio and Impact Africa Television.

To his records are the following professional, community and alma mater-based positions of responsibilities in the recent time:

  1. Chairman, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, Oyo State Branch. (2010-2014)
  2. Seriki Adinni of Yemetu Muslim Community (N2,N3 and N4), 2016 till date.
  • Financial Secretary, Ibadan Boys’ High School Alumni Association 2020 till date.
  1. Patron, Corporate Bankers Club (Banking and Finance students of the Polytechnic Ibadan )
  2. from 2016 till date.
  3. Patron, Shafaudeen Youth from 2017 till date.
  • Analyst on Finance, Banking and Economy on many Radio and Television stations across the Country from 2009 till date.

Success begets success so says an adage, the landmark accomplishments achieved by this great professional combined as a career banker. Administrator, business leader and entrepreneurship earned him various Board appointments with the following fortune going concerns:

  1. Seedvest Microfinance Bank as a Director and Chairman, Audit Committee from 2016 till date,
  2. Ibadan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mines and Agriculture as a Council member and
  • Chairman, Public Advocacy Committee 2018 till date.
  1. He sits also on the Board of Metropolitan Broadcasting Services Ltd as the secretary of the Board 2017 till date,
  2. Gleanforth Entrepreneurship Academy for the Pharmacists in Nigeria as the Registrar from year 2020 till date.

Service to Omo Aj’orosun Club

Alhaji Abiola Alli, has served (and is still passionately serving) both Omo Ajorosun Club and Ibadanland, in various capacities among which includes:

He joined the Club as a member in the year 2009 with membership number 221.

  1. As a true club man, he makes his wealth of experience available has served the club on many ad-hoc committees namely – AJOECO, Omo Ajorosun Anniversary Day, Investment to mention a few.
  2. He served the Club diligently as a Treasurer between 2016 and 2017.
  • Currently he is serving as the Publicity Secretary from January 2020 till date.

Service to Ibadanland

(1) Member, Ibadan Rebirth Group 2018 till date.

(2) Vice Chairman of  CCII’s flagship Ibadan Cultural Festival Committee -2020 .

(3) Chairman of CCII’s flagship Ibadan Cultural Festival Committee -2021 .

Awards and Honours

“Seeth thou a man, diligent in his work, he shall stand before no mean men but before kings”.  Abiola Alli’s  uncommon accomplishments across human endeavours ranging from his profession and Community service among others earned him many accolades and laurels too numerous to enumerate.

In recognition of his invaluable selfless contributions, dedication, and recognition to his profession, industries, community and his faith he has received over 30 awards among which are listed here:

  1. Award of Selfless service to Ibadanland by CCII (2021).
  2. Award of professional recognition by Corporate Bankers Club (2021).
  • Award of Professional Competence by Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria, Oyo State Branch (2014).
  1. Best Area Executive award by FCMB (2010).


As a man of strategy, action and Impeccable records he has code named his manifestos and binding social contract to consolidate on the out-going administration’s achievement and take the Club to the next level with a four point agenda – “S-S-S-S” that is – Sustenance, Support, Security, Structure.

  1. Sustenance and maintenance of the existing legacies of this club.
  2. Proper maintenance of all the assets of this club that is , by ensuring that :
  3. Sustaining the aesthetic values of the Club’s premises.
  • Rendition of the Club’s Financial Accounts professionally and timeously.
  1. Support and Collaboration
  2. Regular health and wellness tips to assist members.
  3. (ii) Quarterly Medical check up for members and their families.
  • (iii) Introduction of Life assurance scheme for members at minimal cost.
  • This will entitle the family of every member in good standing to access up to N1m benefit in case of death.
  1. Introduction of customised birthday congratulatory cards – To be presented at the general meeting to commemorate celebrants’ birthdays with  Presidential handshake .
  2. Integration of digital system shall be introduced to automate the birthdays of members and then release congratulatory message automatically on their birthdays.
  3. Support members’ needs for tertiary institutions’ admission or employment opportunities.
  • Sustain the cordial relationship with our amiable Governor – Engineer Oluseyi Makinde and his Government. – We will continue to key into his policies and his people oriented programmes as well as help propagating them.
  1. Security
  2. Technology driven security measure to guarantee security and safety of members and property within the Club’s perimeter fence.
  3. We will install security surveillance cameras in strategic locations in the club and car park to ensure that both human and material resources are adequately secured.
  • Re- construction of the main entrance gate
  1. Redesign and remodel the construction of the main entrance to allow for observation
  2. Organise periodic security hints and tips with members during our general meeting to keep us safe both within and outside the club.
  3. Structures/buildings

Adequately and promptly maintain all the structures in the club                                                                                     – Construct a face lift for section housing the caterers befitting the Club’s status and standard.

In his closing remarks, as the Presidential candidate at the upcoming election on October 30, 2021, Alhaji Abiola Abdulahi Alli affirms that “It is my candid opinion that the President of this esteem club should be someone who has a lot to offer in terms of finesse,  resourcefulness, knowledge ,mien, influence ,connection and quintessential leadership competence, ability, network and net worth”.

He stated further – “Having assessed myself based on the above attributes coupled with my corporate, professional, community service and family bacground, I strongly believe that I am eminently qualified and the best fit to step into the position of the President of our dear club from  January 1st, 2022 God’s willing”. He therefore, seeks the support of over 250 eminent members who are achievers in diverse fields of human endeavours to kindly support him with their votes to make his vision to reposition the Club to next level a reality.


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