Oloyede, staff welfare and JAMB’s quest for greatness – By Fabian Benjamin


The supreme happiness, fulfilment and desire to put in ones’ best in achieving the goals of an organisation consist purely of the conviction that one is loved. It was Duncan in Shakespeare’s Macbeth who said: “There is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face.”


Perhaps, this is why Prof. Ishaq Oloyode has decided that the art of his mind should be seen in the many welfare policies he is championing in the Board all of which have exposed the depth of his love, care and preparedness to
enhance the productivity of staff.



On assumption of duty in August 2016, Prof. Oloyede made staff welfare the first item on his agenda as he believes that would be the surest way through which staff could be motivated for higher efficiency. Events were later to show that he is a man who walks the talk.


To achieve his mandate, among others, to cut down drastically on wasteful expenditure, improve public trust in the
outcome of the Board processes and capacity building, members of staff are trained to perform all manners of
operations of the Board. This is aimed at achieving self-sufficiency.


To accomplish this, he began by training members of staff on the rudiments of innovations that he needed to push his goals. He got the best in the area of ICT globally to train the motivated and ever willing staff while making provisions for adequate logistics.


Within a short space of time, the trainees became the masters of the art so much so that they took over the operations hitherto conducted by service providers for billions of naira. The massive return of over N30 billion to government coffers within four years is principally owing to his prudence in the management of resources and the technical expertise acquired by the staff of the Board.


Without resting on his laurels, the Management, under Prof. Oloyede, expanded the opportunities for staff to be
elevated to reach the pinnacle of their career through obtaining relevant approvals to create additional layers at
the top for advancement.


In line with the Registrar’s belief that a happy staff would naturally translate to a happy Board, he instituted a social health insurance scheme designed to promote the basic physical well-being of staff. This was borne out of the realisation that one of the major concerns of public servants is what happens when they are sick, especially as regards medical challenges that require huge sums of money to manage. This has propelled many to steal from the public treasury while purportedly saving for the rainy day.


Consequently, to sufficiently fight graft in all its ramifications, the Board, under the leadership of the Registrar, has footed the medical bills of many staff locally and abroad. At the last count over N40m had been expended in supporting staff to seek medical solutions from top medical facilities at home and abroad.


Prof. Oloyede-led Management has always maintained that no staff should die because he/she could not afford
treatment. However, this is not a license for frivolities as stringent measures are followed in assessing the medical
conditions of needy staff before approval for financial support is given. This philosophy is built around the belief that
as long as what will bring staff joy is consistent with the laws and morality, it should be promoted.


There are so many other beneficial policies put in place by the present leadership of the Board capable of further impacting the lives of the staff positively. It was also in a bid to consolidate on the above that the Board had sought relevant approvals for the payment of ex-gratia to staff. The list goes on and on but the constraints of space would, of necessity, terminate further elucidation.


From the foregoing, Prof. Oloyede is certainly not only doing small things that matter in great ways, but he is also doing great things in small ways.


  • Dr. Fabian Benjamin is Head of Media of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board ( JAMB) and Chairman, Editorial Board of JAMBulletin.



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