Not In Defense of Dr Ahmad Gumi – by Aliyu Ammani (Ph.D)

Dr Ahmad Gumi was a trained medical doctor. He was trained to diagnose diseases and prescribe appropriate treatment. As a medical doctor he knows when to apply medications in the treatment of a disease, and where medical treatment is not likely to cure the disease, when to carryout surgery to physically remove it.
Dr Ahmad Gumi was a trained military officer. As a military officer he knows when and how to apply tactics and weapons to physically and forcefully neutralise the enemy or to strategically manoeuvre away from harm’s way.
Dr Gumi is an eminently qualified religious scholar, with a PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence from the Umm al Qura University in Mecca. He knows when and how religion can be used to spiritually heal the society from the ills of criminality and immorality.
In addition to all of the above, he is also a critical observer, a social critic and commentator on the Nigerian sociopolitical landscape all rolled up in one.
From the foregoing, it should be clear why, ordinarily we should respect his opinions on issues. However, when we combine all of the foregoing with the fact that Dr Gumi is fearless and focused, our respect for his opinion should be more than ordinary.
Armed with the aforementioned wealth of experience, Dr Gumi is quick to recognize the existence of a very big vacuum in the nation’s struggle against armed banditry and kidnapping for ransom. I am sure no right thinking Nigerian is in doubt that Mr President has woefully failed Nigerians as far as the protection of lives and properties is concerned. We all know that state governors are constrained in their ability to tackle armed banditry.
The government appeared to be ineffective in the fight against banditry, leaving behind a vacuum. In his bid to fill that vacuum, Dr Gumi went to the bush, at a very great risk to his life and personal safety, to teach and preach to the bandits. He is hopping to spiritually heal the nation of the disease of banditry.
Arriving at the bush he discovered another vacuum, the bandits are also open to negotiation. Thus, circumstances forced another role on Dr Gumi, that of a mediator.
In the process of mediation, Malam discovered another vacuum, the bandits have a story, their own side of the story. There’s a need for we the people to hear the bandits’ story. Again, circumstances forced on Malam the role of telling the world the bandits’ story.
While in the process of discharging his multifaceted roles of a teacher, a preacher, a mediator and a communicator, Malam told the bandits a story of what happened sometimes in 2014. It was a story of how the military went after some cattle rustlers and in the process wiped out some Fulani settlements.
Those of us that follow the activities of Malam over the years have heard that story told by Malam at more than one occasions. Recently, the recording of the story from the horse’s mouth, the soldier who broke the story to Malam, was made public. The reader can download a copy here 👉
While Malam was narrating the soldier’s story to the bandits in the bush, the session was been recorded as usual. It was a small portion, just 75 secs, of the recorded video that was mischievously clipped and released to the public, and used to whip public sentiments against, and controversies around, Malam and his worthwhile mission. The reader can download a copy here 👉
In response to the controversy generated by the mischievous video clip, Malam used the period of his ATTALQEEN CLASS of 24/02/21 to shed some light on his mission, vision as well as the controversial video clip. I strongly recommend this to you the reader. You can download a copy here 👉
Dear good reader, the point I am trying to make here is that we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. We should pause and ponder. Perhaps we could see the greater wisdom in removing the baby before throwing out the bath water.
Those of us, manly enough, to have experienced ‘brokering of peace’ between our wives and our mothers, or between our wives and our sisters, or sometimes, between our wives and our girlfriends know the wisdom and pragmatism in adopting different tactics and strategies, as well as appealing to different emotions and sentiments, as we approach each of the ‘warring parties’ in our bid to bring them to a round table. Ponder on this!
The methodology adopted in the process of ‘brokering for peace’, is neither the end nor as important as the end. It is just a means to the desired end. The desired end is peace, a lasting peace.
We can constructively criticise Dr Gumi’s methodology with a view to improving on it instead of throwing out the entire spiritual healing process just because we have some concerns with a part of the methodology.
While short of agreeing in totality with Comrade Niccolò Machiavelli that the end justifies the means, I believe the means could be fine tuned without losing focus of the desired end.
PS: all referenced audio and audiovisual materials are in Hausa language.

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