Media Watch commends NAHCON on Hajj 2022


This year’s Hajj Operation for Nigerians ended on officially on Sunday 7th August, 2022 as the last flight conveying the balance of pilgrims from Kaduna and Kano States with officials of various States and NAHCON landed safely in the Country same day…Glory be to Almighty Allah.

This cheering news has elicited commendation for the National Hajj Commission (NAHCON), as the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria (MMWG) – a Body of Muslim Media Practitioners  and other Muslim Professionals made the commendation in a press statement issued on Monday.


In the statement signed by the National Coordinator of the Group Mal. Ibrahim Abdullahi, the Group noted that through the hardwork of NAHCON Management,  the operation ended six days ahead of deadline given by Saudi authorities for all pilgrims to be airlifted and three days ahead of NAHCON’s planned deadline to finish the airlift of Nigerian pilgrims back home. This is highly commendable!

The group also highlighted some other successes recorded by NAHCON such as good medical care for pilgrims in the holy-land and in Nigeria, efficient and effective transportation of pilgrims to various locations throughout the pilgrimage, engagement of competent Islamic Scholars that provided spiritual services to pilgrims from 36 states of Nigeria and FCT in the holy land.


On feeding arrangement, the Group blamed Saudi Authorities for the initial hitch especially on the Arabian dishes served pilgrims which was immediately corrected; with those noted not corrected especially in Muna and Arafat with pilgrims to be refunded their feeding fees by the Ministry of Hajj Affairs that was in-charge of all Hajj matters.

On the inability of few pilgrims from Nigeria that could not be airlifted for this year’s Hajj, the Group said that it was due to short notice given by Saudi Authorities for this year’s Hajj – adding that Hajj  that takes a minimum of ten months to plan was rushed for performance throughout the world within two months!

MMWG however commended Saudi Authorities for running this year’s Hajj with its usual competence without any serious casualty recorded despite the fact that there was no Hajj in Year 2020 and 2021, stating that the little hiccup on feeding and little delay in movement of some last batches of Nigerian pilgrims to Medina was unavoidable.

The Muslim Media Watch Group re-affirmed its absolute  confidence in NAHCON as the Commission is populated by experienced and competent Management under the leadership of Ustaz Dhikrullah Kunle Hassan who has several years of experience in handling Hajj Affairs.

The Group concluded by hailing the synergy of the NTA with NAHCON and other Media Organizations which made it easy for NTA to report this year’s Hajj daily on its National and International New Bulletin including live-coverage of spiritual activities in Madinah, Makkah, Arafat, Muna, Musdalifah and the Jamaraat (where pebbles were thrown against Shaitan).

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