Jubril Martins-Kuye : Portrait of A Servant Leader – By Salmon Salami

JMK as we fondly called him, or Martini as Ebenezer Babatope( Ebino Topsy) his known closest friend used to call him is ( I am unable to use was) a great human being. He exemplified the best among us. JMK, unknown to many was eclectic in his ways.



He was not unnecessarily principled just as he was not weak. Being a sociologist, the Galadinma of Sultan Bello Hall was the University of Life. Just stay with him, for five minutes, you would have gotten, in terms of concrete and street wisdom, all you would not get doing a Ph.D.


He was an encyclopedia of knowledge, name it. Is it Politics? He was the Master of the Game. Unknown to many, he was more popular and much more respected in Ogun State than many others. He lost to Aremo Olusegun Osoba, not because he was less popular but because of the A.D( Alliance for Democracy) and the mood of the nation, post June 12.


More than this, we all know why AD was allowed to field candidates. Martins-Kuye was a patriot to the core and more than anything, he was in politics for service. Of course, he had made money and name, before he joined politics. And he served the country patriotically. I have proofs.


Apart from the fact that Providence made him the defacto dejure Minister, even though he was the Minister of State while Adamu Ciroma ( an excellent man) was the substantive Minister, JMK was firmly in charge through out. Reason? Adamu Ciroma was incapacitated. Reason? He was involved in an accident which almost claimed his life.



JMK took charge and served Nigeria, mark my word, Nigeria creditably.  Comrade Baba Kachallah, former NANS President and a Kanuri by tribe, on knowing that I am close to Kuye, told me how he walked up to him and told JMK his problem.


Martins-Kuye, according to Comrade shocked him. He solved the problem. Not only that, he went the extra mile to ensure that the officials of the Federal Ministry of Finance cooperated. That was JMK. He would always follow up to ensure compliance. Highly experienced and robustly educated, JMK was very humorous. You need to be with him.


No dull moment. Is it the Obligato story of the Italians or the Oga Agric story? Or the ones they ( Arisekola Alao and Agboola Alausa) used to share with us? Is it the one Dr Agagu,Dr Olu Alabi or Prof Adeniran shared? They were/ are very good people.


The lesson…we should strive to be good. They have/ are playing their part. And they have tried their best. As human beings, they have had their foibles but they were/ are good people. We have( we are many. I introduced many people to him…Tobs Agbaegbu is one.And irrespective of your tribe, JMK assisted. In fact, he was blind to tribe.


My heart flies out to you, Bolaji( one of the sons) Sesan and Abbey( the twosome drivers…very close, Egbon Dele, the political enigma, not forgetting the numerous political sons and daughters. When will another JMK traverse this terrestrial earth?

Good night, my adopted father.

Thank you for all you did for me.


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