Jonathan loathed yesterday, being courted today: Nigeria and the expediency of power


*Photo: Jonathan*


By Linus Obogo


Ours is indeed a circus show of political absurdity, inane and leaden-footed. An inverse relay, if you like. This has been the constant since 1999. A step in progress and many in regress.


This is where the buzzing story of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s second missionary journey requires a much deeper introspection. About seven years ago, he was hounded and conspiratorialy chased out by a pack of wolves in his party, the PDP and the then conclave of parties that would later morph into APC.

However, in keeping with his now made famous “My ambition is not worth a drop of blood of innocent Nigerians, he took a humble bow and quit the stage.

Even after his exit from office as president, peace continued to elude him. His family, associates as well as aides were reduced to minced meat of criticism, thoroughly shellacked, bombed and criminated for administrative insouciance.

Now it does appear that he must have been taken to River Jordan for cleansing, in the course of his seven years hiatus. The impression now is that he is a coveted bride ready to be wooed.

While it is within Jonathan’s right to hop into bed with any suitor of his choosing, the niggling questions, as the baiting rumour swirls are: Will the old verse about Jonathan suddenly change, if he’s anointed a candidate? Will same people who dubbed him clueless, drunk, kindergarten president and a squandermaniac recant? Where’s the refurbished faith and confidence springing from? Will there be apologies before the consecration? Will his backstabbers be able to look at him in the face? Be it the PDP or APC, does he still have the magic wand to recreate paradise or make an Eldorado out of our current reality?

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Jonathan’s humble acquiescence about seven years ago. Does he have the guts and grits to chase the Egyptians back so we can’t see them no more? It used to be said that it would take 50 years to undo the wasteland made of Nigeria by the PDP following the party’s 16 years of pillage.

Can Jonathan in fours years, undo the cumulative impact of the 24 years? If the answer is in the negative, then we are just about embarking on another unbelievers’ journey, as Jonathan might end up like Moses, while Nigerians wait for a Joshua to berth them in the illusice promised land.

Pray that both Jonathan and Nigerians are not left bruised by sunset. Will he still retain the international lustre, domestic empathy and cult-like following that became his badge of honour after leaving office in 2015?

The answer is yet buried in the womb of time

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