Interview: The cleaning work I do is already affecting my waist – Widow of the late Fatai Rolling Dollars


10 Years Gone , Fatai Rolling Dollars remains My Truelove: Zainab Olagunju – Interview by Bimbo Esho

*Photo L-R: Zainab, Rolling Dollars*


Please can we meet you

My name is Mrs Zainab Olagunju one of the wives of Mr Olayiwola Fatai Olagunju popularly known as Fatai Rolling Dollars.


Recently you celebrated 10 years remembrance of your husband Pa Fatal Rolling Dollars , what do you miss most about him.

Baba was a very caring husband who knew a woman’s worth. There was hardly anything I asked him to do for me that he didn’t do to ensure my happiness.

When did you meet your husband?

I met him in year 2000 few years before he lost his wife.

Since Baba’s death how has life been like taking care of yourself and the kids?

Life has been very tough without Fatai Rolling Dollar. As famous as he was just very few people like Mr Sina Bakare, Kunle Tejuosho, Latoya ADUKE, Dotun Taylor, wife of Baba Orlando Julius ask for our welfare . These are the few people that support me and the kids once in a while.

How many children did you have for Baba Rolling Dollars?

I had two boys for him. Jamiu and Mojeed. It was Jamiu’s name that was mentioned in the album Won Kere Si Number.

What about Babas Royalties from his music , Who collects it?

As for Baba’s music I don’t know much about it but his Manager Mr Tejuosho supports us at times when I call out to him.

I can see the picture of Pa Fatai Rolling Dollars and Mr President , Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, when was this picture taken?

This was year 2004 when Baba Asiwaju gave my husband this flat we now live . I moved here with my husband  in year 2005. You can imagine what life would have been without a roof over our head all thanks to the grace Baba Asiwaju gave us that year.

Do you work or are you into any trade?

I work as a Road Cleaner with Lagos State government.. The payment is not enough to fend myself and children.

What kind of assistance will you want from Lovers of Pa Fatai Rolling Dollars who are reading you?

I need financial support from them. The cleaning work I am doing is already affecting my waist and I can’t stand for so long again like before. Also I spend so much on drugs for my health. Mojeed is now in JSS 3 and very tasking paying school fees. I seek financial support from all Nigerians.

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