I don’t blame those that kill for money -Otunbá Peter Oladele Fatomilola


I blame the society that celebrate success without knowing the source and track record.

I blame the society that respect only the rich.


I blame the society that doesn’t celebrate or encourage hard-work and productivity.

I blame the society that tells you Life is all about the money.


I blame the society that keep on producing children in poverty.

I blame the society that gives you any position and Title once you’ve made money.

I blame a society that teach their children to be dedicated to their religion instead of teaching them humanity.

I blame a society where an hard-working, intelligent and truthful ones can’t have a voice without money.

I blame a society that pray for miracle money everyday even in working hours, instead of being diligence in their duty.

I blame the society where mother is Dancing that she is eating the fruit of her labour because her 20year old child just bought a vehicle for her.

Finally, I blame the society that calls you Jealous Man, Envious, Bad belle and all sort of names because you question the source of someone’s wealth and flamboyant life style.

My Dear People, stop wasting your Time to pray about all these menace, Prayer won’t solve anything…change your attitude and let’s Drop the too much value we’ve placed on Money…If not…mo layo lati so fun yin wipe, A sese bere ni o, many heads are still going to be decapitated from their body, Oku a sun.

Imagine a society where every youth is making money without Working… that society won’t grow nao, there won’t be a work force, human resources, discovery and functional engagement, cos’ once an average Nigerian make money, they already see that there is no reason for them to work…Imagine if your tailors, drivers, food vendors, barbers, doctors e.t.c all sit at home enjoying when you need their services, because they’ve made huge money, how would you feel …?Work force and duty engagements is what makes a society to grow and develop while magic or miracle money without work will lead it to it’s doom.

Life is NOT all about Money, don’t be DECEIVED by any motivational speaker.

  • Otunba Fatomilola is an Ifa Priest and Nollywood actor.

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