How we are helping Ukraine- Open Society Foundations

Our Response to Ukraine

President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is an all-out attack on everything we stand for at the Open Society Foundations.



In response, we have pledged an initial $25 million to launch the Ukraine Democracy Fund and urge other funders to join us in supporting civil society in Ukraine in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assault on democracy.

This initiative builds on Open Society’s more than three decades of work in Eastern Europe to support human rights organizations, independent journalists, and other civil society groups. The aim of this fund is to join with private foundations, philanthropists big and small, and the private sector to raise $100 million over the duration of the crisis and its inevitably protracted aftermath.

The rest of the world must not stand idly by as a free and independent sovereign nation is trampled by an autocrat who thinks he can act with impunity. We must show Putin—and autocrats everywhere—that he cannot. 

Learn more about the initiative on our website, and listen to the voices of our colleagues working in the region below.

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