How Igbobi College shaped my life – Yemi Osinbajo


*Photo: Osinbajo (left) at the fundraising *

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo says there is a strong nexus between the kind of education students receive in schools and what they turn out to be later in life.

Osinbajo made the assertion while speaking at a fundraiser for Igbobi College, his alma mater, on Saturday night in Lagos.

Osinbajo said the values he had imbibed till date and some of the competencies he had acquired, were largely due to the impactful education he got at Igbobi College.

The Vice-President said what he and other old students got was total education, that did not only place emphasis on strong academic performance but also discipline.

He said the school rewarded academic achievements and excellence in sports but seriously sanctioned bad behaviour.

“Igbobi placed great value on academic, sports and literary achievements; so, you were called out on stage to receive prizes during the assembly, so you were recognised.

“So if you excelled in sports, you were recognised, if you excelled in academics, you were recognised on the assembly ground.

“But on the same stage, you would be seriously whipped for bad behaviour. So, reward and punishment were on the same stage”, he said.

Osinbajo, who passed out of the school in 1975, described Igbobi College as a leveller, saying all students, irrespective of background, were treated equally.

He said the teachers at the school during his days were very helpful, adding his English teacher in his first year greatly encouraged him to better his writing skills.


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