How I sold the idea of modernization of Olumo Rock to ex Gov. Daniel and earned no Kobo – Prince Yemisi Shyllon

  • Prince Shyllon *

I was the architect of the modernization of Olumo, rock. I sold the idea to Gbenga Daniel as the Chairman of his transition committee on tourism for his government. 

I took the concept from my earlier private  visit to  Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, as a tourist. The architectural drawing and supervision of  Olumo’s redevelopment, was handled by the  Late Apagun Pote,  Olumide. I earned No kobo and nor ever sought to receive any , as has been with some others, for which I have  left behind, some very  enduring selfless  legacies,  without earning anything as Non executive  Chairman of Ogun State Tourism Corporation. Of course, the governor ‘s company sold its lift to his government. 

*Olumo Rock *

The purpose of providing a  lift as compliment, was  for use by many aged annual local and foreign  tourists , that are expected to visit the Rock. I served for some 6 years and  left as Chairman since 2010. That lift was meant to also enhance Olumo’s international status,  relevance and attraction of aged volume of visiting tourists, to the Rock and thus contribute to the economy of my state. 

A museum of Art was also built into the plan, to enhance the  tourism potential of my state and compliment the tourist attraction of adire, to Abeokuta . Indeed, I loaned  the state, some of my artworks for the  opening of the Olumo museum at its commissioning by the President of our republic at that time, with me as Chairman.

 But they stole my work and it  had to take the intervention of Gov Daniel, to locate my stolen piece, even though the culprit was never prosecuted and  was a serving senior  officer of government.  If that place were only  working and maintained as was conceptualized,  that lift and the added museum of art provided, would have enhanced the marketability of Olumo rock,  as an international tourists attraction and enhanced Ogun state’s stature as a good tourist destination. 

 Alas, as soon as we left, the place was abandoned by governments and the lift system has been left unused and  unserviced.

 I am signing this post, to challenge any one, who may want to prove that I ever received a Naira,  from any of  my various SELFLESS  board Chairmanships and development  committee  appointments in contribution to  Ogun State. 

 Meanwhile, it of fact, that many in Ogun State and  many others at where I have served,  would attest to how much,  I have Selflessly  touched and  contributed to the  enhancement of their lives. 

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