Hajj 2022: Niger State pilgrims depart Makkah for Medina, urged to remain good ambassadors


The Niger State pilgrims have been urged to remain good ambassadors of the State while in Madina.

This plea was made by the Executive Secretary of the State pilgrims welfare Board, Alhaji Umar Makun Lapai while addressing  pilgrims before their departure from Makkah to Madina on Monday.


The Executive Secretary maintained that the Board is satisfied with the good conduct of the pilgrims exhibited so far and urged them to keep it up .

Makun Lapai further advised the pilgrims to be very careful with activities at Madina especially money spending.He said life is more expensive in Madina than in Makkah.


Makun Lapai advised that unlike in Makkah where the pilgrims are under the watchword of the state pilgrims welfare Board,the pilgrims in Madina are handled by the National Hajj commission.

He stressed that they will find themselves amongst other States pilgrims in the same hotel unlike in Makkah where the Niger State pilgrims were accommodated in one hotel.He then advised the pilgrims to be patient and live in harmony with others.

He said they will stay in Madina for three or four days before returning home.

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