Epetedo Indigenes Association Calls For Review Of Gov Sanwo-Olu’s Commissioners List

  • “We feel shortchanged by this list commissioners.It is outrightly unacceptable to us”.

*Photo: Gov Sanwo-Olu*



The Epetedo Indigenes Association has deemed it necessary and expedient to describe Governor Sanwo-Olu’s new cabinet as a rather disappointing cabinet composition that falls short of the expectation of the electorate.

In a statement signed by the Chairman, Vice-chairman and General Secretary of the association, they assert that “Our decision to ventilate our stance derives from the seeming hard stance of the governor after all the citizens sacrificed for him to shield him from electoral defeat.”


The statement continues” We hereby register strongly the disappointment of EPETEDO Indigenes with the contemptuous disposition of the governor to the people that stood for and with him when the going was rough, really rough.

Accordingly, “We feel shortchanged by this list commissioners.It is outrightly unacceptable to us”.

The association added that “With all sense of responsibility,we view with utmost dismay the lopsided distribution of the said list and strongly request an urgent review of the composition,so as to give all the much desired equity and equal opportunity as provided by both the Nigerian Constitution and sense of fairness.

The association further asserted that their resolve is to pinpoint to both the authority and the generality of the concerned,any questionable development that we may or might noticed and or brought to our attention for our esteemed contribution.

Finally, “It’s in this regard,that we call on the Lagos State Government, the APC Leaders in Lagos Island and all others concerned in the exercise of appointing,nominating, recommending etc,to revisit the 39 names as published and do an holistic reappraisal to justify equity and balance of distribution.”

The association restates its commitment to God being trusted as they look up to Him always for cherished goals.

  Alhaji Maroof-deen Babatunde Oshodi, Chairman.

Alhaji(Dr) Mondiu Babatunde Sarumi, Vice-chairman.

Alhaji (Hon) Nosiru-deen Adegboyega Oshodi, General Secretary.

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