Enugu 2023: Ekweremadu’s wealth of experience and exposure will bring prosperity to Enugu State – By Fatai Ibrahim


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“I count him braver who overcomes his desire and vision than him who overcomes his enemies,” Aristotle Greek Philosopher

 Ike Ekweremadu is a popular grass roots oriented  politician governorship aspirant  and a lawyer from Enugu State  who has served in the Senate of Nigeria since May 2003. His 19 years in the Red Chamber no doubt has put him in a pedestal to lead. He is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and was the Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate for three consecutive terms (6th, 7th and 8th) under David Mark and Bukola Saraki in that order. He presided during plenary when his bosses were absent and he did excellently well.

There is no gainsaying that Ekweremadu’s wealth of experience and exposure will add to good governance in Enugu State as 2023 general elections knock on the door. Going by the experience he has garnered over the years, as a 5th term senator, the former deputy senate president (DSP) has promised to better life and prosperity to governance as Governor of Enugu State if he becomes the governor in 2023.  He also promised to fight insecurity with infrastructure and check youth restlessness through the provision of basic amenities, where the youth will be positively engaged and contribute meaningfully to the development of the Coal City state.

An apostle of local government autonomy, Ekweremadu said he will have nothing to do with local government funds and rather will encourage the chairmen of the councils to create enabling environment for the citizens where businesses will thrive and succeed in Enugu State.

 “When I become Enugu Governor come 2023,I won’t temper with local government funds. I will tell them to build roads, schools and make sure there is security to make my job easier. To ensure we reduce the amount tankers pay to get water. I am going to address that problem within two months of my assumption and by mid- term, we are going rehabilitate the existing lines like the well in Orji River which the Federal Government assisted us with as well as do several boreholes at 9th Miles and also the Ajali Waterworks and deliver bulk water to Enugu Urban Area.

” There is also going to be water presence around Iva Valley and our government will harness that too. We are also going to look at small Rivers in Enugu, treat the water and regulate it because we don’t have underground water within Enugu Metropolis due to the presence of Coal. We will take advantage of the surface water and water will be delivered to everybody’s home within two years of my assumption as the next Governor of Enugu State.

“We plan to develop up to four to six lanes on both sides of our roads  and we are going to have security cameras, a surveillance centre in Enugu so that from office we can track cars coming in and out and challenges can be resolved very quickly. In some places, we are going to provide rest areas for our people on the road, to buy fuel, eat and relax before they continue their journey and in achieving these lofty ideas, we are going to partner with the private sector for overriding public interest as encapsulated in the land use Act 1979. Our government come 2023 will exercise power under the Act to compulsorily acquire those lands and rebuild them for the common good of all Enugu State citizens.

 “When I become Governor come 2023,we would open up a road from between Nara and Agbani to Amagueze and join it to Amechi Road from there, we will come to Enugu -East Isiuzo. Isiuzo will connect to Udenu and there is also a road already between Udenu and Isiuzo as well as Isiuzo and Igbo Eze-North not forgetting the road from Igbo Eze North to Igbo Eze South to Nsukka, Uzo -Uwani and other parts to make it complete. We want also to actualise a city like Lagos where there are no boundaries between one local government and the other.

“ Our focus if elected as the next Governor of Enugu State come 2023, we plan to build two industries per local government. Every local government in Enugu State under my watch will have one product based on its comparative advantage. This is one of our approaches to boost the economy of Enugu State. This is also a strategy for creating employment which is why within four years, our government will reduce unemployment by 70 percent as government at all levels cannot accommodate everybody.”

As a man imbued with foresight and hindsight, Distinguished Senator Ekweremadu already knows what he wants to do by changing the ways things are being done, bring new strategy to governance to the benefits of his people. Wallacy Huey, the co-developer of Trans4mind and director of the Trans4mind Network, surely have Ekweremadu in mind when he said, “Good vision give rise to burning desire, burning desire leads to focused intent and focused intent stimulates committed action.”

A ranking senator and former Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament who serve with diligence, humility and candour has seen it all and thus not new to governance  senator Ike Ekweremadu holds the national honour of the Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (CFR), he’s also a Knight of the Good Shepherd as well as he holds the  traditional title Ikeoha Ndigbo. No wonder the popular  agitations in every nooks  and crannies in Enugu State especially at  grass roots level in Enugu State is for him Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremadu  to join the governorship race in other to consolidate as well as providing Democratic dividend to entire  Enugu State and her citizenry come 2023.

Be it as it may, the issue of zoning the governorship position in Enugu State as been canvassed by some stakeholders ,could be liken to rumor mongering which   in the words of Hon. Justice Chukwudufu Oputa JSC of blessed memory said,”romur mongering is synonymous to construction sites and market places.—-for he who assert must prove”

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