#EndSARS: Our plea and agitations – By Adebowale Folarinwa BAIYE,

Dear President Buhari, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and other governors. please stop forming busy and listen to what we are saying and agitating for.
– We are no babies or fools. We saw the Sage, Late Papa Obafemi Awolowo along side some of his compatriots like Chief Lateef Jakande, Late Anthony Enahoro and many more, despite all they did as a National leaders and patriotic Nigerians, they were driven to court in criminalized  VIP manner at the back of the popular Police Black Maria van with cuffs in their hands like chieftaincy beads, with the public witnessing their trials and judgements.
– We saw revolutionary, legendary Afro-beat maestro, Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti in chain and chauffeur driven to court in Police Black Maria van on several occasions.
– The acclaimed winner of the popular June 12 election and hero of our modern day democracy in Nigeria, Late Chief Moshood  Kashimawo Abiola, instead of being driven in a Presidential convoy to the Eagle square for his swearing-in ceremony, got the same criminalized VIP treatment of pleasured Black Maria ride and national metal chain (hand cuff) on his wrists.
Legal luminary and human right activist in persons of Late Chief Gani (SAM – Senior Advocate of the Masses) and Late Dr. Bekolola Ransome-Kuti and many more were not left out in the national treatment despite all the good things they lived, suffered and died for.
As a fall out of the current ENDSARS protest national wide, our burning request and agitations are:
– when are we seeing all the SARS monsters identified, mentioned or alleged for extra judicial killings in cuffs and brought to the court room for all to see that they get their deserved judgements?
– When do we see them have their own pleasure ride in the VIP van (Black Maria) with which they conveyed most of the innocent souls to their death spots – the Black Maria?
– And why can we not watch their trials been covered by the various media outfits even if the nation’s number one television station NTA is sleeping?
For the records and to refresh our memories, we watched in 1999, live broadcast of proceedings of the  Human Rights Violations Investigation Commission of Nigeria, popularly called – the OPUTA Panel. As a young boy in 1986, I saw on TV, video clips and footages of  Maman Vasta standing trial for his alleged involvement in a coup plot against the Babangida administration. The Obasanjo, Diya and co. fathomed coup of December, 1997 and the followed trials were not done behind closed doors; if not all, we saw clips and captions in the news and the resulting judgements passed on each and everyone of them.
We know since Ogbeni Lai Mohammed has at some point SORO SOKE that the government needs  $500 million to digitalized NTA and place it at par with CNN; we are not expecting much from NTA. But always remember, the whole world, including us here in Nigeria saw on CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC and other foreign stations how those that killed George Floyd were been tried, judged and sentenced. Your excellencies, all eyes are on you; the people WANT and NEED to see what you’re doing as regards the trials of these monsters.
Please allow other media houses or the general public come and cover the trials with our phones. We want justice against these hired and blood thirty murderers once clad in SARS uniform, every one of them in the different states so it will stand as a deterrent to other public office holders and uniformed personnels. This is our request and one thing that can return sanity to the country at large at this moment.
We are tired of the back door policy of transferring a killer cop from one state to another just for cover up. The spirits of the dead, innocent and unjustly killed citizens by these killer cops are clamouring for justice; and so are we their living mourners. We say NO to Police Brutality. We say NO to SARS or SWAT. We say FREEDOM to Life and YES to Safe Living. We say WE WANT JUSTICE NOW!
I,  Adebowale Folarinwa BAIYE,  a.k.a SIMBA have SORO SOKE (SPOKEN UP)………………….Rooooooooooooar.

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