#END SARS SAGA – My stand – By Adebowale Folarinwa BAIYE


With joy in my heart I congratulate every youth who have SINCERELY participated in the #endsars campaign nation wide; please mark my word in capital, those youths who SINCERELY lend their voices and time via the various platforms be it physically or electronically, I say, thank you all.


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I will not come out here to take kudos for what I did not do. A lot of my friends, youths and associates called me to join the #endsars campaign which I openly turned down because of that word in capitalization ‘SINCERE.’

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I sat to think about the outturn of people, most especially the people in the entertainment industry coming out to lead these campaigns and I asked, why are they doing this? Are they really SINCERE or being spur to do with because of some hidden ulterior motives? These are people whose lewd and weird musical videos, lyrics and life styles are destroying more of our youths on daily basis, while they gain prominence and smile to the bank. Please dear musical artists and entertainers turned activists. As you have successfully helped in ending SARS, can you kindly do same to your musical contents in terms of videos, lyrics and wild lifestyles?


The numbers of youth being misled into drugs and other societal vices as a result of your influence is at par with the SARS wild killing spree for your information. But then, I want to believe this #endsars campaign shows you are human, empathic and value lives, so I expect to see a reform in you and your gift to the society which is your artistic potentials; on this note I say thank you for lending your voice anyways because the main aim of the campaign was finally achieved.


To the mothers, fathers, uncles and aunties I saw in some videos, I am asking you, expect for those who have at one time or the other lost a loved one or child to the barbaric nature of our SARS officials. Please what’s your motive for the campaign? The same you, who sat hand akimbo saying nothing as you watch DRUGS and SUBSTANCE abuse destroy the lives of your children? When will you carry placards like you did with#endsars and match to the governor’s office to help you through the Ministry of health and youths in putting a stop this maniac destroying your children? When will you be bold to stand up to that young man that owes and sells drugs to your children at the corner of your streets? Are you fighting to end SARS or defending the interest of the YAHOO boys that patronises your liquor or drug business (some of you are dealers) or are you protecting your own children who are into YAHOO?


Like I said and as a parent, my gratitude to every parents that came out with SINCERE motives, but for you just making up the numbers, please the same way you have campaigned either genuinely or not, let your campaign once again goes to other areas, especially your own parental assignment. If the way most have come out, is the way most can openly discipline their children, these notorious SARS officials will in the first place have nobody to run after in the name of YAHOO boys.


To my most precious friends, the great Nigeria youths, I really must commend you guys and I salute your courage. Like I always tell some of you that are in my circle of influence; you don’t always need me to be heard, you have want it takes and this #endsars achievement is a bold confirmation to that. But then, I want to challenge you some more as always. Is SARS the only enemy of the Nigerian youths? What are you doing about the poor state and falling standard of education in the country? What are you doing about unemployment that awaits some of you after doing all expected of you academically? What happened to the souls of your innocent loved one, friends and colleagues being used by YAHOO boys for rituals? What happened to the future threatening monster in the mode of DRUGS and SUBSTANCE easily finding their ways to you and destroying lives? What are you saying to your so-called musical idols and influencers who dishes out nothing positively motivating than lewd musical lyrics, videos and weird lifestyles? What do you say to your political representatives, who via your votes, sweat, blood and lives gets to the seat of power, close their doors and turn away their attention and concerns away from your societal needs and rights as the people they represent?


Guys, like I said, kudos to you guys. But in moving forward. Learn now the power in number. Learn the power in voicing out where and when necessary. Learn now that the future of any country lies with the youths of that country. Learn to exercise your civic and civil rights in mature, responsible and discipline manner without causing damages to lives and properties both on your side and your assailant side, you are heard at the end of it all. Your success at #endsars should not be allowed to go to sleep, rather, use it to orientate, educate and challenge yourselves in tackling other societal goliaths threatening your future.


To you the YAHOO guys, this victory is NOT and will NEVER be yours; so, don’t even think of using #endsars to pride in your act. You are as guilty as the SARS. We are no fools, we know some SARS officers are now into YAHOO and you guys work hand-in-hand, one of the main reasons the SARS officials became more voracious in hunting down YAHOO boys or better put sourcing for YAHOO partners. May the innocent blood of the girls you have used in your business hunt you for life. May the lives of those you’ve sent to their early grave via the influx of drugs turn to become your shadow till you’re brought to book. May the tears and cries of the innocent you have taken advantage of speak vengeance upon your head. And may the peace, glory and honor of our great nation Nigeria, whose image you keep tarnishing and wrongly present to the outside world disturb your peace, glory and ill-gotten honor in Jesus name.


Lastly, to you the Inspector General (IG) of police sir, my respect to you for heeding and granting the request of the masses. I know the government meant well by providing the citizenry with a good and discplined  police force, what got missing sir is discipline on the part of the men in uniform. Sir, the entire police force needs first discipline. An average Nigeria police is rude and does not have value for anything. Even members of their families can attest to their terrible ill manners. Until every police is trained to respect, value and appreciate things sir, expect the worse from the public. A police that cannot greet; greet them, they will not answer. No courtesy, no respect for the people they are to protect, no respect for their job, uniform and actions. Sir, you really have to look into this. Until every police officer behaves like you with or without supervision then your efforts will go down the drain as nothing. Please sir, help us call them to order.


Police is a noble occupation. After teachers and doctors, the police should rank third in any successful person’s life. But too bad, indiscipline on the part of some and majority of the men in police uniform has made the force the number two ranked killer and destroyer of life after poverty. Help us tell your officers to stop their double standard. Who is fooling who sir? Same police and SARS operatives that have tattoos on their bodies, protecting our artists and entertainers who have tattoos all over their body, are same people arresting, harasing and prosecuting our innocent youths for having tattoo. I beg sir, where dem write am say tatoo na criminal offence for Nigeria? Please sir, this are many more is the height Is indiscipline and double standard operating in the police force and the people have had a enough; hence we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I pray God grant you the grace to effect a positive and long lasting effective solution to this sir.


On this note I will like to reserve my ink for other future issue that will make the Nigeria youths better. I am Adebowale Folarinwa BAIYE a.k.a SIMBA. I am a youth advocate and expert. I am an addict; I am addicted to making the youths better than I met them…………….Roooooooooar.




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  1. Sir, thanks for your valuable advice, we youth will stick to constitutional method of resolving issues with government.Long live federal republic of Nigeria.

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