DISCLAIMER: TheCable did NOT author anti-Osinbajo article


Our attention has been drawn to an article with the title, “Osinbajo’s Problematic Ambition”, being circulated on WhatsApp and attributed to TheCable, Nigeria’s independent online newspaper.

While the opinion article, contributed by Gbenga Adefulu, was indeed published by TheCable under “Your Say” section, the name of the author was mischievously removed and replaced with “TheCable” to create an impression that this was an editorial written by us.


Since the hyperlink was left out, many readers have been getting the impression that TheCable wrote an editorial to attack Yemi Osinbajo, vice-president and presidential hopeful.

Those familiar with TheCable’s editorial practices and standards can immediately tell that the article is not the newspaper’s opinion: we do not take sides in partisan matters and do not engage in political campaigns on behalf of anybody.


More so, TheCable hardly writes editorials: the last was on January 27, 2019. Our editorials are usually on matters of national peace and development and not to engage in political campaigns.

As a non-partisan and independent online newspaper, we found it necessary to put the record straight because we are in a political season where fake or misleading materials will be churned out in hundreds every day by mischief makers.

We want to reiterate TheCable’s core values again:
Independence: We are free of partisan and sectional interests
Impartiality: We shall always be fair-minded and even-handed to all sides
Integrity: We shall always be upright in our practice of journalism
Defence of the Public Interest: We believe nobody is bigger than Nigeria
Respect for Diversity: We shall always respect ethnic, religious and political diversity.

We appreciate your continued trust and respect for TheCable.

Management, TheCable

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