Day I was beaten up and arrested for teaching a girl – child how to make love for mummy and daddy – By Kingdavid Chinaeke Ofunne


My neighbor is fond of leaving her child with me whenever she knows I’m around in the afternoon so she can rest while the little girl turns my house upside down

She made it a habit so much that once the little girl of 4 knows I’m around, she’ll come over by herself


I was almost getting irritated until I discovered that her parents are fond of fighting all the time. I decided to be a safe spot and a good uncle at least to protect her from the toxic environment once in a while.

One afternoon, I closed very early from work and decided to work on a client’s CV and statement of purpose when I heard a knock


Immediately, I knew it was my little friend, Rashidat.

I wanted to ignore because the client had paid in full for the CV and wanted to start applying but Rashidat kept knocking and I knew she will knock till eternity. I paused my work and invited her in, gave her ice-cream and snacks, and put cartoon for her

Later, we started hearing her parents voice, they were fighting as usual. Few hours later the mom came to carry her.

I could see shame and gratitude on her face even though she avoided my eyes.

Few minutes later, I heard a loud bang on my door.

Could it be that the little girl is back?

The banging continued and I went to open the door and met a mob outside

I didn’t see the slap until it landed and I literally saw stars

Rashidat’s father dragged me out by the neck after slapping me, thank God I was putting on my new white singlet and boxers

What’s happening, am I dreaming? I was confused

“R@@pi$t!” They kept shouting as they landed blows and kicks all over my body

My neighbors, people I know and play with on the street, guys and ladies I hang around with were suddenly acting like I was a criminal

I started crying and begging them

“Mummy Rashidat, please what’s happening, who did I r@@pe?” I pleaded with my neighbor

Whooosss!!! She slapped me with a scapula and I felt blood in my mouth

“Don’t ever mention my daughter’s name from that your evil mouth. How can you do this to me, how can you r@@pe my baby, my four years old baby, how?”

“… me!!!” When!!!”
I screamed

“Make we burn am?” The vulcanizer that always fix my tyres asked

“And na handsome guy o” the lady I usually buy pap from said.

“Na yahoo boy, na ritual. He go confess before we kill am.” One popular yahoo guy in the neighborhood said.

Then I heard the police siren and I was grateful for the Nigerian police for the first time in my life.

I was arrested, handcuffed and bundled into their vehicle. Thank God the mob didn’t remove my boxers and strip me naked.

At the police station, the DPO called Rashidat, and sitting beside her with a friendly smile on his face, he asked her

“Is this the uncle that touched you?”

I looked at the baby I always gave icecream, cake, and snacks to and tears dropped from my eyes.

“Don’t be afraid dear, you are safe here. He can’t do anything.” He assured her.

“Talk Rashidat, your daddy and mummy is here nothing will happen.” The mother patted her head

“Tell us what you told your daddy and mummy.” The DPO asked

“I and uncle made love for mummy and daddy.”

“Ahhh… Abomination!” The officers shouted in the station

“How many times have uncle done it with you? The policeman asked

“One time.” Rashidat said shyly and quietly I almost didn’t hear her.

“Was today the first time, my little one?” He asked again

“Yes.” Rashidat said looking down and moving her feet

“Very brave girl. Now, tell me and your mummy and daddy how he did it?”

“It’s very easy, I’ll show you.” She said smiling and went to her school bag, opened it and brought out a piece of paper and crayon

Then she drew a heart and colored it. Then she wrote, ‘I love mummy and daddy’ under the heart.

“See!” she said, smiling proudly and showing everyone the picture. “Uncle taught me how to make love for mummy and daddy today because they are always fighting.”

The DPO took the paper with the drawing of a heart that I taught Rashidat today to draw and give her parents just to make them happy and stop fighting.

The police station became quiet

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