Covid at Xmas: Humanity as Pawn  – By Michael West

Whoever is updated with information, politics, economy and contraption of Covid-19 will know that the foretold and orchestrated second wave of the virus will be prevalent at Christmas. I described it as ‘orchestrated’ because it is contained in the strategy document of Rockefella Foundation which states that in the last two months of the year 2020, a resurgence of Covid-19 would be hyped using the media to spread fear and panic to generate grounds for another round of global lockdown. Consequently, the scheme will justify mandatory vaccination proposal which is the ultimate goal of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – a sinister motive that is driven towards human population reduction. Bill Gates has never been shy about his anti-humanist agenda.



In case you’re not aware of the premeditated plan on the second wave of Covid-19, the document was reportedly scooped and was broadcast to the public via by a Ghanaian researcher in August 2020. A check on the website this week indicated that the broadcast has been removed. Likewise, the said document had been stepped down from Rockefeller’s website. Fortunately, not a few Africans, and, indeed, citizens of the world had the privilege of listening to the audio broadcast.


Therefore, media hype and medical antics employed in highlighting the inevitability of vaccines as if it is the lasting solution to the pandemic, are well funded. They have shown their hands too early for the discerning and informed people to fall for their tricks. I’m aware that these unfolding scenarios, too, have been foretold in the Bible. Expectedly, many world leaders will key into the end time deception. Behold, the tribulation dispensation is here already. So, beware!


Death cases attributed to the new Covid wave are not surprising. The narrative is the same like the first wave. Over 90 percent of deaths recorded for Covid in the first wave were reported to have underlying health conditions which ordinarily could have possibly killed the victims. Most of the diseases are terminal and severe. Every day, people die. With or without Covid, people will continue to die. The conspiracy in the medical world will not allow some truths to unravel about Covid. A US former pharmaceutical company marketer, Brandy Vaughan, who risked her life by exposing the ‘genocidal’ compositions of some vaccines was killed last week. She founded a Vaccine Safety website where she informed the public of the hidden harms in the millions of vaccines rolled out at intervals. For instance, some injections by Remdesivir with trade mark “Jubi-R” (a single dose intravenous infusion) and Hetero – Covifor among several others were boldly scripted on their packs: “Not for distribution in US, Canada or EU.” Apparently it is meant for Africa.


I marvel at the lies and hypocrisy of some proponents of Covid vaccines especially in America. While the likes of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci would not allow themselves or their family members to be inoculated, some of those who volunteered to receive the vaccines were merely mocking the gullible public. For instance, the Mayor of London came out to be inoculated, it was discovered later that he merely fooled the public. No vaccination took place as the cap was still on the needle while he was pretending to be vaccinated. Even the United States’ President-elect Joe Biden’s vaccination was suspect. It is very likely that, if he was truly vaccinated, it could be a placebo or a different vaccine stuff wrapped in the touted Pfizer Covid vaccine label. He’s part of the pro-mandatory vaccination clique.


African leaders have no spine to reject whatever rubbish imposed on them by the West. Many of them are already queuing for the delivery of vaccines. It is even worse if they are induced with money. They could mortgage their own souls and that of their people for money. If Covid vaccines are brought to Nigeria, the exercise should start with our political leaders. I will suggest that they should not be vaccinated in Abuja because it is possible to package dummy vaccines for them thereby deceiving the unwary public into taking the haphazardly prepared luciferous DNA-induced doses of vaccines. Let all political office holders go to their localities to be vaccinated like they normally do during elections. They should be vaccinated in public with the same vaccines the people will receive. Any resistance to this arrangement should automatically lead to outright rejection of the vaccines. This is partly because  some of the people volunteering to receive the vaccines are collapsing and getting into unconsciousness being adverse reactions to the vaccines; even deaths were rumoured to have been recorded as a result.


The speedy production of vaccines for Covid-19 is suspect. Why vaccines? Why not oral drugs or injections? How can we rationalise the fact that in 40 years of research there’s no vaccine for HIV? With several decades of research into cancer, yet, no vaccine. Surprisingly in less than a year, nine months precisely, pharmaceutical companies have swiftly developed vaccines for Covid. Wow! I insist, there’s more to the pandemic than meet the eye.


Does it mean that I doubt the existence and severity of the virus? Not at all. I know the virus is with us and it is deadly if not quickly treated. It is infectious and life threatening but I know it is preventable, treatable and curable. There’s no cause for alarm about Covid if proper precautions and prescribed protocols are adhered to. I want to commend the government for sparing us the agony of another lockdown. The people may defy the lockdown order if hunger wants to kill them at home.


I  want to suggest that government should rather educate, sensitise and encourage the citizenry on the best and feasible ways to avoid, nip and treat the disease if anybody is infected. Thousands of people have been treated and cured at various isolation centres without vaccines in Nigeria. Therefore, we should embolden the infected and asymptomatic carriers to combat the disease with approved measures, drugs and herbs including organic supplements at their disposal.


Incidentally, today is Christmas. We need to celebrate and thank God for His blessing, mercy and protection throughout the turbulent 2020. Government should not allow Nigerians to be used as vivisections or pawns in the laboratories of anti-humanity agenda sponsors. They don’t mean well for the common man.


Families should get together and enjoy the warmth of one another. Reach out to the needy in your area and share the little available for you with others. Play safe and stay healthy. It is time to worship, praise and celebrate Christ at Christmas.

Merry Christmas, friends!


From the Mailbox


Re: Wrong Choice, A ‘Killer’ Pitfall


Mr. West, in every 10 marriages in our society today, less that three  are rightly paired. I see two factors as being responsible for this: City life syndrome or environmental effluence. Those who grew up in the cities have been affected by this mentality. Secondly, ostentatious lifestyle syndrome: This is a delicate factor affecting many young married people in our society. I think what we need is a gradual return of value system where we accept ourselves the way we are and not based on money or material wealth we possess. – Chief E. Diadenaru, Abuja.



“If Covid vaccines are brought to Nigeria, the exercise should start with our political leaders. I will suggest that they should not be vaccinated in Abuja because it is possible to package dummy vaccines for them thereby deceiving the unwary public into taking the haphazardly prepared luciferous DNA-induced doses of vaccines.”


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