CCII: Change of baton with smooth alignment – By Asiwaju Olasunkade Azeez


To God be the glory for having people endowed with talents and treasures, time to serve lbadanland.

With my little closeness to Chief Yemi Soladoye and Prince Yemisi Adeaga, our outgoing and incoming PGs respectively on lbadan developmental projects, am proud to know them, work with them and most importantly be an lbadan man without any reservation.


That the duo are passing the batons of CCII’s Leadership between selves is an uncommon divine intervention and glory to upgrade Ibadanland for the like minds to be so positioned by God for unstoppable continuity of monumental developments is guaranteed.

I have served under both leaders at different times and levels and without prejudice and, or patronage, l have numerous empirical evidences and testimonies to give to affirm their unwavering loyalty to lbadanland, cerebral prowess to surmount any challenge, meekness to touch lives, ruggedness to persist in their believes in the face of opposition and penchant to make mark and leave what they met on ground better than it was no matter whose ox is gored.

Truly and verily both elder statemen though seems gentle in their looks but strong willed and resolute inside of them on what they fervently believe in, is pursued with vigour.

Again, a basis for their comparison is their sense of humor. Anyone opportune to stay with either of these colorful gentle men will easily notice that boredom is abored by them holistically, as no dull moment with or around them.

As for native intelligence, their couth family backgrounds and subsequent life experiences had exposed them and sharpened their skills prepared them to do things better and do better things.

This is with hindsight of no matter how complex the situation is or hostile the environment may dictate.

Other things that worked for both of them again, is that they are natural leaders of men with penchant, painstaking and well skilled for choosing their like minds to form the nucleus of their teams who have talents, treasures and time to serve and support the realization of their stated vision.

They are both successful professionals in the financial sectors of the economy who serves with altruistic disposition without seeking for personal gains.

While the outgoing is of private sector orientation where he had a meteoric rise to MD/CEO of a successful famous insurance Company. Soladoye is schooled in prudence management of resources and is well tutored in profit and loss health check of any organization he heads.

Anyone that worked with this insurance magnate will obviously be in term with this easy to notice attribute of him, unarguably.

On the other hand, the incoming PG, Adeaga, is a shrewd Administrator in the public sector who believes, as an auditor in quality and efficiency in service and accountability of resources in his care in governance.

His success story in service propelled him to be a successful business man that spans oil and gas among others. He detested the common slogan of a ki se ise ijoba laagun and embraced Se bi Iranse.

As a devout Christian, he is a Man of God per excellence whose kindness informed his membership of the International Red Cross (IRC) in Leadership role from local, national and international status as a value adding officers of the global peace making of the humanitarian organisation.

As a Club man, Adeaga is sociable and a people’s person. His desires to build and mobilize motivated and prosperous people at the Club level is unparalleled.

I can vividly recall as the Chairman of his investiture Committee of Omo Ajorosun’s Presidency how he inspired and majorly sponsored scholarship scheme for selected Secondary schools indigenent students in all 11 Local Government Areas remain indelible to the recipients whose lives were turned around for good.

The duo without any iota of doubt are loving families men who are endowed with strong pillars as wives who always stand besides them to see them through to make good of promises made to their people who freely gave them mandates to serve.

They don’t belong to the generation of (dealers) sorry l mean leaders who over promised and never delivered. Their words are their bonds.

You will agree with me that though the constitutional tenor of 4 years is too short to implement a robust masterplan yet the outgoing PG has done what Napoleon could not do in the presence of Waterloo in records time in all ramifications. One would have been tempted to recommend him for third term afterall two good terms deserve another. Anything that have a beginning must have an end.

Oke Aremo house, our world headquarters he inherited has been upgraded and turned to an architectural edifice of sort worthy of pointing at, as our common heritage comparable with similar facilities globally.

Though July is 3 months and 3 weeks away, l strongly recommend for a seamless transition, the PG-elect Prince Adeaga to understudy the outgoing PG to know the current status of journey so far on all fronts of the Council’s state of being in terms of People, Programmes, Projects and interface with Olubadan in Council management.

This is necessary for the incoming a great achiever for a good head start and see how will sustain and surpass the legacy bequeathing by the outgoing who has unarguably and boldly written his name in lbadan affairs in gold.

As Chief Shikirulah Yemi Soladoye has come, seen, contributed immensely and is bowing out in grace from the exalted office of PG and great accomplishments due to his exemplary leadership, after a 4 year meritorious service to his father land.

It is our prayer that he will live long in good health to see the fruition of the seed of progress he has planted for CCII and witness continuation of past contributions of former PGs’ successes.

We wish him greater success in all his future endeavours.

To the incoming may God grant him and his team the wisdom of Solomon to steer the ship of CCII to greater heights.

Long live CCII!
Long live Oyo State!!
Long Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

*Asiwaju Olasunkade Azeez*


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