Buba preaches love at Easter …Says Christ’s death is the highest form of sacrifice

  • Hon Buba *

Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rt. Hon.( Dr.)Yusuf Buba, has admonished the Christian faithful to use the period of Easter to renew the virtue of love among the brethren and those of other religions.

Buba, who is a member representing Gombi/Hong Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, said that it is only love that has the capacity to pull down the walls of hate, disunity and conflicts currently raging across the world.

In an Easter message personally signed by the lawmaker and made available by his Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs, Nkem Anyata-Lafia, on Sunday in Abuja, called for unity among all in order to achieve the collective will to tackle all the current challenges Nigeria and the entire globe are today facing. 

He said such challenges like banditry, renewed terror attacks across the world, hunger, war and even global warming can never be wished away until the world unites in love , commitment and sacrifice for collective action in pursuit of envisioned goals.

The Adamawa-born leader said it is the hallmark of the love and sacrifice that Jesus made in His earthly ministry that have kept His name on the lips of the world thousands of years after His earthly passing. 

He urged that the period of Easter and the lessons embedded in the celebration should be for all Christians a deep motivation to do all the good they can while living here on earth.

It reads: “Our motivation to do good always must be understood from the standpoint of our shared humanity. 

“Christ’s exemplified sacrifice and death on the cross at Calvary have taught us that there is no greater love a man can have than that He died to save His friends. 

“This is the greatest form of love;and as Christians we are daily reminded to live like Christ and be a light to a dark world where hate, disunity,conflicts,wars and sorrow daily define man’s relationship with his kind.

“To turn things around in pursuit of an ideal world, therefore, we must learn to imbibe the attitude of pure love and true devotion to every virtue that promotes humanity. We must learn that in the eyes of one another lies the joy we seek with the happiness that will endure among us and make the world a better place.

“As we celebrate,we must remember that, for our joy to be full, it must be marked by sharing with and giving to others whatever we have in our little corners of the earth.

“The language of love and sacrifice today can only be spoken and understood by what we do to make the next man feel happy.

“I, therefore, urge us all to use this period to put joy in the hearts of the people around us and commit to making the world a better place starting from our little corners of the world. This is truly the essence of Easter. I wish you all a happy Easter celebration.”


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